President: Eavesdropping affair "not over"

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić has told B92 in an interview that "the wiretapping affair is not over," and that he is still being secretly eavesdropped.

Izvor: B92

Nikolić, however, did not want to name the culprits, but pointed out that he was "dissatisfied with the work of a part of the police."

The interview will air at 21:00 CET on Monday. The president also speaks about his opinion about Miroslav Mišković, Milan Beko, and his plans for after his term in office finishes.

"A few days ago when (police) Operation Grom was taking place, the prime minister called me and said, 'President, we're launching a big action,' and I told him to stop, because we may have someone listening in," Nikolić told B92.

Asked if he believed that he was wiretapped in Serbia he said that he "thought so."

"For that reason, sometimes in conversation with some people I say things to see if it will show up in the media. And it does," Nikolić said. However, the president stressed that the leaks were not coming from the Presidency.


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