"Anti-women violence - Europe's top human rights violation"

UN's Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) in Serbia has joined the global campaign - "16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence."

Source: Tanjug

To promote awareness of this, an "SOS telephone, an artistic installation," has been placed in the central square of the Serbian state, the capital city's Republic Square.

This artistic effort will be present there for 16 days, through December 10 - in order to "ring" and raise awareness about this crucial problem.

Anyone who "picks up the phone" will be able to hear the latest, and distressing data about the violence suffered by women in Serbia, the UN office said.

According to the statement - during the past year in Serbia, not a day went by without the news of some form of violence targeting women.

And even if the number of such crimes reported has been increasing - the crimes themselves, unfortunately, have not been.

According to the Tanjug news agency, statistics show that "one in two women (in Serbia) have survived some kind of family violence."

The Network of Women against Violence NGO said that 30 women were murdered in the context of the "family-gender violence" since the start of 2106 - while a total of 35 femicides - murders of women based on their gender - have been reported in 2015.

As for the New Serbian Political Thought (NSPM) survey, conducted for the "Time Against Violence" project - 70 percent of 1,200 female and male respondents in Serbia (excluding Kosovo and Metohija) said they considered family violence to be "a great problem."

Perhaps the most worrying of all are the responses received by the survey from the 60.8 percent of respondents who said "no" - when asked, "Do you think the victims of violence trust the authorities who deal with the issue."

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence has been endorsed by Serbian cabinet minister, Zorana Mihajlovic.

Speaking about the campaign, and joining it, Council of Europe (CoE) mission in Serbia chief Tim Cartwright has been quoted as saying:

"The violence against women is the most common human rights violation in Europe."


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