Serb graves desecrated in two cemeteries in Kosovo

Graves in two Serbian Orthodox cemeteries in Kosovo have been desecrated, the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Raska-Prizren Diocese has announced.

Source: Tanjug

The incidents happened in the village of Krusevac near Obilic and Donji Livoc near Gnjilane.

In Krusevac, tombstones were torn down, covered with garbage, plastic and rubber, and then set on fire.

The diocese said that the photographs taken by its priests show that the tombstones were completely destroyed.

The diocese condemned the incidents in the strongest terms, expressing deep regret that the practice of desecration of Serb graves in Kosovo and Metohija continues.

RTV Plus is reporting that in Donji Livoc, the grave of Gradimir Milosavljevic, who was laid to rest in 1998, was desecrated "and dug up."

All tombstones in the Serb cemetery in this village were destroyed in 1999 after international forces deployed in Kosovo in the wake of the war, and graveyard has been neglected and abandoned ever since. In 1999 the village had 15 Serb households with some 100 people. Today, only ethnic Albanians live there.

All Serb houses have also been torn down, but nobody has been brought to justice for this crime, RTV Plus said.

Speaking about the cemetery desecration, Kosovo police spokesperson Ismet Hasani said they were "aware of the case" and had launched an investigation in cooperation with the public prosecutor.

He added that a pathologist from Pristina would examine the scene, "after which it will be known what was taken from the deceased." According to Hasani, the case was about "base motives."


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