Police break up cocaine smuggling ring

Several persons in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and the Netherlands have been arrested for cocaine trafficking from Latin America to Europe.

Source: B92

According to Serbian police (MUP), several persons have been arrested in cooperation with the Organized Crime Prosecution and police and prosecutions in other countries.

The police also searched several locations.

The international police operation was aimed at arresting the criminal group that trafficked large amounts of cocaine from Latin America to Europe, reads the police release.

Two persons were arrested in Serbia – Hadži Zoran Jovanović aka Zigi and Tebra and Aleksandra Desnica.

The Republic of Srpska (RS) police searched several locations in order to collect evidence. Mirsad Halilović was arrested in Montenegro and his apartment was searched.

The Croatian police also performed several searches and collected evidence against the group.

The suspects mainly sold the drugs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

The Serbian police stated that the group had a well-organized network of suppliers, transportation and buyers.

Investigations, under Europol’s supervision, are underway in several European countries.

Belgian police discovered four marijuana plantations, seized 1,500 plants and a large amount of cocaine.

More than EUR 1mn was seized in the operation.

The criminal group is suspected of selling 15 kilograms of cocaine in the Netherlands on November 1, 2012 when two persons were arrested.

Jovanović is believed to be the group’s leader. He was arrested together with another few suspects in Belgium in 2007 when he tried to smuggle 200 kilograms of cocaine in Antwerp.


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