Zeljko Mitrovic's son convicted after six years

Aleksandar Mitrovic, son of the Pink owner Zeljko Mitrovic, convicted to 12-month of house arrest and 12-month driving ban

Source: Tanjug

He was convicted for causing traffic accident in July 2013, when he run over 17-year-old Andrea Bojanic, on a pedestrian crossing in Ustanicka street, First Basic Court in Belgrade reported for N1.

Spokesperson of the First Basic Court in Belgrade Bojana Stankovic stated for Tanjug that Mitrovic was convicted for the criminal offense "serious crime against public transport safety and criminal offense for non-assistance to the injured in a traffic accident".

Mitrovic junior had already served the sentence in the period from July 19 to October 4, 2013, so he is left to serve less than 10 months.

On July 18, 2013, while driving his BMW Jeep along Ustanicka Street, Mitrovic hit and killed Andrea Bojanic.

According to Prosecution's findings, he was driving faster than 81km/h.

Mitrovic abandoned the scene of the accident, while his father Zeljko Mitrovic brought him to police station.

Both prosecution and defense has the right to file a complaint to this verdict to the Court of Appeal within 8 days deadline.


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