1. "Dzevad Galijasevic, an expert on terrorism, says there are two reasons for the CIA director's visit to Sarajevo on Friday.

    Those are 'the fight against arms trafficking, and Turkey,' Galijasevic said, adding:

    'The results of an action of Interpol, which included 5,000 police officers, although very modest are significant, as this is about the weapons being trafficked and moving towards Western Europe.'"

    Let's guess that these weapons that the US is so concerned about are weapons the US had the excruciatingly bad judgement to ship out to the "rebels".

    ... shoulder launched missiles, for example.
    (Paul, 22 April 2016 23:18)

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  2. Assad is winning so usa needs more bosnian muslims for isis
    (???, 22 April 2016 21:44)

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