1. It would appear that 50% of the population are swallowing the EU propaganda machine. Let's see if they think the same once the Greek tragedy unfolds. Most British people want to leave and if they aren't interested why is Serbia?? The Belgians only want in because they reap all the financial rewards for housing this undemocratic institution. This is not a golden chalice and trade with the EU countries still goes on with non-members. If you have something worth selling they'll buy it. Industrial investment and liberal tax regulation and a clampdown on evasion and corruption are what Serbia requires not occupation by Brussels and consequently NATO.
    (RM, 2 July 2015 11:45)

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  2. 1. Not very encouraging results for the Empire and those who push the EU agenda as the only way forward.

    2. It is safe to say that the "no" vote in this poll will only increase after the new Greek situation plays out

    3. Those who are against EU will find it easy to get more people to oppose the EU movement by using the difficult road that Greece is about to undertake as a cautionary tale.

    4. What was the survey question? How the question is worded very much determines the outcome of the poll. Since this is a Soros group, they likely phrased the question in a way that helps get them, the result they desire. Even with that given, this is a pretty bad outcome for Soros and his EU groupies.

    PS. All of this was predictable and a lot of people on this site predicted it.

    Serbia wont join the EU because it has no compelling reason to join. Instead of living in a great community, Serbia will live in the "servant's quarters" with every other CEFTA country.
    (factman, 1 July 2015 00:38)

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