1. JEremic have a lot of stamina but he only have managed to slow the recognisons not stop them . We Albanians will wait a litle longer but we will win.
    (Nobody, 2 June 2009 16:04)
  2. Thanks Jeremic, you’ve been helping a lot in keeping alert Albanians. Without your incomprehensible persistence towards windmills, we (Albanians) would have forgotten
    long time ago our mission. I must admit that people like you are so meritorious to reminding our lifeless politicians on their responsibilities. So, once more I wish to thank you Mr. Jeremic, same time I bag you to keep “fighting” in this manner, please don’t stop. But don’t in any way change your strategy; otherwise as I said afore we have so incompetent political garniture that any amateur would prevail on.
    (laki bani, 2 June 2009 07:51)
  3. Raso,

    Western Sahara...46
    Kosova...60 (plus Taiwan & TRC)

    don't try to claim that more states recognize the desert republic.
    (L*O*G*I*C, 1 June 2009 18:36)
  4. there are like 30 small states totally dependent on American VIPswho go there spend milions in yachts and casinos, and i dont think Jeremic will have much to offer.
    btw, is this Jeremic a mile high club member?..just curious!
    (braveheart22, 1 June 2009 16:50)
  5. 'To be a member of UN eventually, it will need the Security Council five permanent member states to approve ...'

    Not quite, it's enough if Russia and China merely abstain, they don't have to actively approve.
    (Amer, 1 June 2009 03:43)

    Amer, true but how many times do you have to be told that they will not abstain but will loudly proclaim NIET.
    (Peggy, 1 June 2009 15:32)
  6. It seems like Jeremic is panicking now. He will be very busy if he should use all his time as a FM to travel around the globe and try to prevent countries from recognising Kosovo. He should do something more fruitfil, such as trying to improve Serbia's relations to the rest of the world.
    (Ken, 1 June 2009 15:13)
  7. @Amer and albano.

    There are Interpol reports about situation in Kosovo, confirming Staff's words. Moreover, I've read (I have it in Russian, maybe you will find more datailed info about it - there was a reference to a paper Koha Ditore) that Kosovo people can travel anywhere they like, but it can't be guaranteed that they won't be arrested by Interpol. And a guy with the name Negibe Kalmendi said that since they don't have a list of those wanted by Interpol, they can't say who might be arrested....
    (Little Russia, 1 June 2009 14:59)
  8. i don't get it, why this effort to stop acknowledgements?

    if states want to go the ridicoulos path of usa, bagdad-green zone or tuvalu, then they should...

    who cares with Russia as only superpower on our side?

    just a comparison: the republic of western-sahara (also occupied by usa and puppet morrocco) has far more recognitions then "kosova", who cares?

    kosovos status will be settled on the table within the post-helsinki act or as the NATO-adjustment of georgias borders.
    (raso, 1 June 2009 09:28)
  9. I hoped someone would mention that Honduras is not South America...
    (Murillo Mathias, 1 June 2009 06:05)
  10. 'To be a member of UN eventually, it will need the Security Council five permanent member states to approve ...'

    Not quite, it's enough if Russia and China merely abstain, they don't have to actively approve.
    (Amer, 1 June 2009 03:43)
  11. The problem is not whether Jeremic can stop these countries from recognizing Kosovo. The problem is for how long can he do it.

    He (or let we say Russia) has been succesful in slowing the recognitions, not in stopping them.

    Of course, as an Albanian I want to see the all recognitions to come tomorrow, however, their delay is a blessing in disguise.

    It gives time to Kosovo to consolidate itself as a state, for the EU to implement its crucial aid plan for it and for Serbia to give enough time to the moderate parties to make the needed reforms in the army, in the economy and in the legal system.
    (Ruben, 1 June 2009 02:22)
  12. Staff, I am sorry, but you are too biased to be taken seriously. A true diplomat (which you apparently have never been) is to show some distance from both positions, despite endorsing one of them.
    (Ruben, 1 June 2009 02:10)
  13. Happy travelling Jeremic! I've heard South America is wonderfully pleasant this time of year! :)
    (vermut, 1 June 2009 01:49)
  14. "staff"
    so far all your predictions have been wrong from Slobos to "Kosovo will never declare independence." We will take our chances with US, UK, Germany, France and 70% of GDP on our side.

    EULEX is in Kosova and will be there for 5-6 years, in a sense Kosova is part of EU, and good luck joining EU unless.... Birthrate I hope stays the same, EU needs workers since they are losing population.

    Anyway, as some serb nationalists keep waving flags we're working: The highway to Albania was done, IMF joined, new roads are being built, privatizations etc etc. it takes time, but serbia isn't much better than it was 5 years ago either.
    (alban, 1 June 2009 01:04)
  15. I am going to make a few statements. First of all, I am very much updated at the “Kosovo problem” due to many years working there in different organizations at senior level. Also, I do not want to take part for either side and I fully understand that not all will share my thoughts although like I said, I do not have a crystal globe to look into, but I have a wide experience and I have spoken to 100s of diplomats, high level military/police and high level leaders during the years.

    1.Kosovo is a black hole with extremely high level of crime. Not so much more visible crime than other places, but a huge amount of organized crime that sucks out the money and future for Kosovo.
    2.Kosovo will never ever be a country. It’s a failed state and there might be some more countries that recognize Kosovo, but Kosovo will never become a country in EU or have a place in UN. To be a country of EU, it needs all member states to recognize and that will not happen. To be a member of UN eventually, it will need the Security Council five permanent member states to approve and as you know, this will not happen either.
    3.Some people here at this forum say that Jeremic has failed. Let me tell you something. Many, many of the world leaders and foreign ministers really envy him for his stamina and skills. Many high level diplomats and leaders I have spoken with, say that they thought that the Kosovo problem would be solved much earlier and that they thought that many, many more countries should have recognized by now. Today, they say different. Today there are some 60 countries out of 192 that have recognized and a handful or two might follow. After that what? And if the ICJ says that it was wrong, even if the decision is not binding, then what?
    Many think that some countries, maybe 5 to 10, may redraw their recognition. Then what?
    4.Kosovo will forever be neighbor with Serbia and Serbia will never consider Kosovo as a state but their land and continue to put a lot of effort to make it be like this. Of course many Kosovo Albanians say this doesn’t matter but it sure does for Kosovo, no doubt.
    5.Kosovo has a high birthrate, even if it goes down rapidly now. This will cause problem in the future because not everybody can have a small shop in Prizren or be a hairdresser in Pristina. You might be aware of that about 10 Kosovo Albanians are sent back to Kosovo on a daily basis from different European countries and even if this is not a huge figure, it shows that European countries think that they should stay in Kosovo now when the conflict is over for years.
    6.Serbia is as you might be aware of, maybe 5-6-7 years from entering the EU. With the criminality, instability and especially unsolved status, Kosovo have no chance in the world to join EU according to western diplomats.

    I do not know how to solve this huge problem, I just state the facts.
    (Staff, 1 June 2009 00:34)
  16. Ah, Latin America. That is a region that is very supportive of Serbia. Chavez and his band have got control over most of that region. It's a shame that we do not have closer relations with the countries down there. There is so much potential.
    (Lazar, 31 May 2009 23:55)
  17. Jeremic going on another vacation I see. He picked the right time as the hurricane season is not here yet. Anyways Jeremic brings us luck. It means there will be more recognitions will be coming. I also urge the Serbs not to change Jeremic as a foreign minister. he has been very instrumental to our goals.

    I also love how the spin doctors use B92. "Failed attempt.." Now that OIC is over it makes that much easier for the members to recognise on their own since it was evident that a group decision couldn't be made. You know same process as EU.
    (johny, 31 May 2009 20:42)
  18. Now the question is: how many will recognize after his visit? Anyone knows a right bookmaker to bet?
    (genc, 31 May 2009 20:20)
  19. Jeremic will this guy sop insulting the democracies???

    Persuading is not pressuring. This should not be hard to understand even for Jeremic.

    If the pressure was the applied than dear Jeremic we would have until now many countries that would have recognized Kosova.

    USA has a huge influence on central and south American countries and Asian countries.

    UK wuld have pressured the commonwealth countries, some Asian countries and some Caribbean countries.

    France the francophone countries.

    Leaving Russia to blackmail Syria an perhaps Egypt.

    And with that going to over 100 recognitions- which is not the case as we all know.
    (ben, 31 May 2009 20:02)
  20. I find Jeremic attempts to stop the unstoppable as pure DESPERADOS attempts.

    Poor man can't get that there is no return to Serbia. All his attempts will move Kosova Albanians further and further away.
    (EA, 31 May 2009 18:04)