1. Just maybe Ratko is working as a security consultant for the Radical Party of Serbia and teaching how to be a provocateur .
    (Lenard, 31 July 2008 17:59)
  2. Karadzic was disguised with all the beard and new look, so one could not identify him easily. Mladic? Well, he probably changed his sex via a surgery and he works as a assistant lady of some Minister in the new government. Be careful guys!
    (Pirro, 31 July 2008 17:54)
  3. Guys, see this link:
    [link], probably Mladic is reading this too.

    This statement was given by Lajic one day before Karadzic arrest.
    (Olf, 31 July 2008 16:52)
  4. If you 'dont' know ask CIA, or MI5 ...and they will tell you...

    All the Balkans is scanned by Anglo-American secret agencies and will tell even where he is likely to going to hide tomorrow...(just in case they are also looking for Bin Laden hideouts in Serbia too...:))

    ohhh...please give me break...secret conversation with Mladic are ongoing and it is a matter of time before more pressure is exercised by USA & EU and finish the job...
    (PRN, 31 July 2008 16:46)
  5. Oh please , stop playing games you know exactly where Mladic is right now.
    (Ahmet Isufi, 31 July 2008 15:54)