1. The "Socialist International" is anything but. It allows nationalist Bosniak and Croat parties to pursue this racist anti-Serb policy. It even allows outright dictatorships that shoot workers in the streets, like Egypt's National Democratic Party, to be members. What does the SPS have to do with any of the wars in the Balkans? Absolutely nothing. The Bosniaks refused to sign the Lisbon agreement which would have prevented war. Lagumdzija the hypocrite told Izetbegovic not to sign the Vance-Owen plan. The Bosnian and Croat parties should be apologizing for war and their coalition partners, not the SPS or the Serbs.
    (Brian, 30 June 2008 19:42)
  2. Well done social democrat parties of the Balkans. The SPS of Milosevic was a party of the ultra-right. You can't do years of coalitins with Seselj and the SRS, and carry out SRS policy, and be a party of social democracy, in any sense. If the SPS is reforming now, well done, but it's likely to ave along way to go.
    (DimTuc, 30 June 2008 18:02)
  3. Poor SPS, all those promises by the West that all would be forgiven turned out to be empty…

    What a surprise, NOT!
    (Matthew, 30 June 2008 17:01)
  4. Now I don't have any interest in defending SPS. I was never a supporter and think that Milosevic only brought grief to all peoples of former Yugoslavia.

    However, I am not fond of these regional parties ganging up on SPS and expecting SPS to do a mea culpa confession.

    SPS should reform but a gradual genuine reform is far better than a radical lie where they publically disown everything but privately believe something else.
    (bganon, 30 June 2008 12:35)