1. no lenny, dodik didnīt make any turns.

    everbody who is capeable of reading AND understanding, knows that.

    the so-called parliaments still can be blocked without apearence (why should anybody in the serb post-bosnian state care about a state on the paper?).

    and even if it would have been changed, then we would block it by appearence and saying no! just to inform you, cause logic doesnīt seem to be your strongest plus.

    the slovak bought himself time, thatīs it!

    the eu realized after 12 years to deal just with the 50% that left after their "victory" against the serbs, now itīs your turn to also enter 21st century. your welcomed!
    (raso, 2 December 2007 17:29)
  2. Dodic just made 180 degree turn from his stubborn refusal to implement police reform and to put the SA agreement on the tracks to the EU. He saw the handwriting on the wall the end of Srpska. By listening to and following in big brother Serbia footsteps is and was big loosing preposition. Kostunica must be stewing furiously mad at Dodic especially when they had an understanding and agreements to stick together no matter what. Especially when Serbia spent 100s of millions propping up Srpskas economy and government to buy its unwavering loyalty.
    (Lenard, 2 December 2007 14:17)
  3. Under the condition of anonymity - how common in diplomatic circles!
    This phrase, covering up leaks from various circles, has been the mill stone round the neck of Bosnia's development and future for almost a decade. Small individuals, that suddenly have something that may pay attention to their own importance. However, finally, a diplomat, surprisingly anonymous, accept the fact, that a FULL reform of the Bosnian police cannot be made before change of the Bosnian three constitutions. All the taxpayers in the world, that finance the Bonian international circus, should ask questions "why it took more than a decade to realize that the Dayton Agrement is full of incomplete and unusable chapters and annexes. The part with the three constitutions being the worst hurdle towards progress in Bosnia."
    (invisibleTheMan, 2 December 2007 12:54)