1. Ataman: The virus you contracted has apparently affected your brain.
    (Joan D, 2 April 2020 03:06)

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  2. "Foreign nationals allowed to remain in Serbia until the end of the state of emergency"

    And after that they are welcome to take all government offices under siege, group on the corridors, allow Serbs to cough at them and later will sneeze on other Serbs.

    This is fine, Coronavirus is known to be very diligent checking the passports first, than attack.

    Maybe a good idea to give people extra few months to schedule and finish their paperwork?

    Most legal foreigners in Serbia are natives of high-risk migration countries like EU.
    The issue with migrants from Middle East and Central Asia is that almost none of them is registered and no rule applies anyway.
    (Ataman, 27 March 2020 20:37)

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