1. Hollow victory for "Switzerland".
    (Andy UK, 25 June 2018 10:28)

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  2. Lol if Albanians breathe they are considered wanting Greater Albania..

    Serbs are a funny people..
    (Demi, 25 June 2018 10:28)

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  3. Naturally they are going to investigate the Serbs because they made the Albos do it. FIFA is a corrupt and useless organisation on the very edge of being called an international laughing stock.
    (sj, 25 June 2018 10:33)

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  4. I don't actually care about the celebration thing. The Guardian however wrote it was to provoke Serbian nationalists, when in fact it it to promote Albanian nationalism. Typical disinformation and racism.
    FIFA was taken over by the Americans as soon as they awarded the WC to Russia and Qatar. Their place men are in their now. Corrupt as well, but under the US deep state control.
    One of those installed is Zvonimir Boban. An ustasha of the lowest order. I would like to find out about his involvement in appointing referees and if he has met the referee Brych before.
    (Stan, 25 June 2018 10:58)

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  5. “Double-headed eagle found on Albania's flag. This is seen in Serbia as promoting the idea of a Greater Albania “
    Why and by who? Absolutely nobody – no Serb has that association. It’s a hand gesture.

    This is pure media propaganda and Fake News s it’s best. You should be more worried about the Three Finger hand gesture – that one is a religious fanatic symbol that only promotes hate and violence.

    World: this is what Albanians have lived with since Slavic settlement in Illyrian lands.
    We are grateful for the transparency there is in the world today. It makes it a bet easier to be Albanian when Serbs show their true and act like this.
    (Millosh Kopiliqi, 25 June 2018 11:29)

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  6. Wow, what a farce, FIFA should be embarrassed and there should be a body to investigate it. Firstly, appointing a German ref for a Serbian/Switzerland game who was obviously biased for not awarding a penalty for the rugby tackle of two Swiss players against Mitrovic. Check -> [link] Tell me how that wasn't a penalty? The Swiss players weren't even looking at the ball. Talk about robbery!

    But as usual, we will see them search for everything they can find on Serbia while sweeping everything they can about FIFA and Switzerland under the carpet.
    (Zoran, 25 June 2018 11:37)

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  7. FIFA has had corruption in its organization for a very long time.
    Here is proof that corruption still exists.
    Referee was German officiating Swiss Germans.
    He did not give penalty when Mitrovic was pulled by two Swiss players.
    No video review was looked at?????
    FIFA should be ashamed of itself.
    To let these cockroaches bring politics into sport deserves a two match ban.
    But i guess FIFA will look for an excuse to clear the two rats.
    (Smart Serb, 25 June 2018 12:07)

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  8. I don't understand all the hoopla. The KiM flag is a NATO flag and not similar to the Albanian flag. Regardless, the Albanians copied the Serbian flag about 10 centuries after we created it and just changed the color of the Eagles and added the red background.

    Also, not a chance FIFA will rule against Switzerland - they are headquartered there and they are certainly political influences in this organization. I believe FIFA will rule it a wash by saying the Swiss players were taunted by the Serbian fans; however, you can't control fans, but you can control how players act on the field.

    Also, no doubt about the missed penalty call by the German referee - worst call of the tournament thus far. What is the point of the appeal? If the appeal goes in Serbia's favor, not a chance in hell, what could change? Can anyone enlighten me?!?!
    (ChiTown, 25 June 2018 13:18)

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  9. Typical mafia. Make a perfectly legitimate complaint and they threaten you.
    FIFA could have said we will look into it, it looks like a bad decision, gve is a couple of days. Instead they come up with some complaints of their own to divert attention from their own corruption and incompetence.
    (Jeff, 25 June 2018 13:46)

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  10. Serbia, although a better team in my opinion, was beaten by Swiss. Serbia played well until the first goal then got complacent. The Swiss were hungry and played 110% until the final minute. Serbia gave away the game.

    Shaqiri is a proud Albanian and he showed it. The haters talking about how he should play for Kosovo or Albania, what would they do in his shoes?

    I’m Serbian, and I discuss the game with Albanian friends and we leave the politics out. It’s hard not to get emotional though. My heart sank as the game progressed, but that’s life.
    (NYC Serb, 25 June 2018 14:20)

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  11. Those goals were nice 👍
    (123, 25 June 2018 14:29)

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  12. At 1-1 Serbia had a 100% penalty that the referee don`t gave and they even not used the video , it was most clear penalty possible

    from me experience that i wathched many football games i felt and know from start of the game after first 25 minutes that the referee will be for Swiss , i think he would gave a penalty for Swiss if it was 1-0 and left 20 minutes of game

    I had know Serbia is dead because of the referee and i was 100% it won`t be even a video call

    That video call is only for the big ones
    (adrian_bucharest, 25 June 2018 14:33)

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  13. Truly sad when Sports is held hostage by individuals who deem it necessary to bring politics into it...whether it be the Albanian eagle hand gesture, the Srb three finger salute, the Croatian Ustach chant, etc....
    But I never was one to shoot the soldiers first, shoot the officers and the generals and the soldiers will fall into line..Hold the decision makers (Front office & Coaches/management) responsible and accountable...until you do, nothing will change!
    (Watcherovic, 25 June 2018 14:34)

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  14. Zoran@

    Zorane the referee did a great job, except he should’ve called that Penalty in favour to Serbia,
    other than that he did a great job, and players are not to be blamed or how they celebrate.
    Albanians never complain when Serbs celebrate with their gesture etc.
    but Serbs do have a problem when Albanians do.
    I like facts and honesty.
    (BLACK EAGLE, 25 June 2018 14:49)

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  15. "FIFA has also launched proceedings against Kokeza and Krstajic, for suggesting that German referee Felix Brych was biased during the game, which Serbia lost 1-2."

    Not exactly. The proceedings were launched because the Serbian Coach suggested to send the referee to The Hague, comparing him with the Serbian war criminal Mladic. I don't know why B92 doesn't dare to mention this impudent statement which surely deservers some penalty by the FIFA.
    (Comm. Parrisson, 25 June 2018 14:52)

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  16. Funny fact: The byzantine eagle shows actually that albania and serbia have much in common. The double headed eagle is used in serbia too.
    But classical nationalist thinking. Two nationalists arr showing the eagle without thinking that they could be punished for 2 games. The other sides nationalists do not realize that this eagle made more damage to albanians than to them. So one day later comes a statement that is just perfect make damage to their reputation too.
    And at the end both sides wonder why people in other areas of europe have preassumptions agains balkanians.
    To the game. It was a penalty, and it was a mistake to open at the end, one point qould have put the whole pressure on switzerland.
    (Tito reloaded, 25 June 2018 15:19)

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  17. I could care less about the celebrations and don't believe the Albanians should have been suspended at all. My big issue is with the referee of the match, Felix Byrch.

    It's clear as day that Aleksandar Mitrovic was fouled inside the penalty box not by one but two players. Many neutral spectators on twitter are outraged over this non-call. Brazilian fans especially were upset because they've also had concerns over the Swiss playing dirty.

    Anyway, it seems to me that Albanian nationalists care more about beating Serbia than winning in general. You are not alone in this. Croats and Bosniaks are no better. There exists an obsessive inferiority complex where beating Serbia is equal to or better than winning the entire World Cup.

    Personally, if two Serbs scored on Albania but they weren't wearing Serbia's jersey, I would not care in the slightest. I want Serbia to win, not for Serbs to beat Albanians. But some people are so primitive that there's no saving them.
    (Ari Gold, 25 June 2018 15:24)

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  18. Albanians never complain when Serbs celebrate with their gesture etc.
    but Serbs do have a problem when Albanians do.
    I like facts and honesty.
    (BLACK EAGLE, 25 June 2018 14:49)
    Personally, I don't care about the Albanian gesture (we Serbs also have a double headed eagle) but it's the Swiss in particular that didn't like it. I can understand that as how can someone representing Switzerland give a hand gesture for another country?

    That does more damage to both Albanians and the Swiss, especially in a world cup. Also, having the "Kosova"*** flag on a boot whilst representing Switzerland is also embarrassing. Since the Swiss team is full of players from the former YU, image the others players did that also? At the end, it's an embarrassment for Switzerland.

    That ref decision was the game changer, now that we have VAR it is completely unacceptable and FIFA needs to be held accountable. Appointing a German ref is also unacceptable. Serbs don't have an inferiority complex against Albanians, Croats, etc... but it's obvious they exist the other way around. If we lost fair and square, we wouldn't be here but it's obvious to everyone a penalty should have been given.
    (Zoran, 25 June 2018 15:59)

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  19. Not exactly. The proceedings were launched because the Serbian Coach suggested to send the referee to The Hague, comparing him with the Serbian war criminal Mladic.
    (Comm. Parrisson, 25 June 2018 14:52)
    Really? Why would he compare him to Mladic? That would be an insult to many Serbs. Can you provide some evidence where he specifically mentioned Mladic?
    (Zoran, 25 June 2018 16:05)

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  20. Serbian losers are funny and dumb. Hand gesture of the two headed eagle that every Eastern European country has it bothers them, but glorifying of war criminals during football games, and chanting "noz zica, Srebrenica" is OK.
    (Avni, 25 June 2018 16:52)

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  21. IF
    Milosevic and similar had not existed;
    common sense had prevailed

    the families Xhaka and Shaqiri wouldn't have moved to CH

    Xhaka and Shaqiri wouldn't have been playing for CH today

    they would have been playing for Yugoslavia today

    Serbia wouldn't have lost against CH in Kaliningrad

    Yugoslavia would have won in Kaliningrad with Xhaka and Shaqiri scoring both


    hundreds of thousandas of people would have been living their normal lives.

    All this would have been possible in this world.

    in a parallel universe
    (J. Titor revisited, 25 June 2018 17:35)

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  22. Serbia should be banned from FIFA for the hate and racism they have shown towards the Albanian ethnicity. Albania and Kosovo should charge Serbia for racism.

    Now they are saying that we didnt complain it was the swiss. What a disonest and stupid people these serbs. You filed the complaint to FIFA it was not the swiss. Switzerland doesn't have an interest in sospendig they players you fools. It is you that started all this mess. LIERS.

    If been Albanian is a provaction to serbs then being serb is provocation to us. Lets go this way and we will see how it ends.

    Nobody in this world can stop Albanians having they symbols displayed as we wish, those who thinks that can. I say to them preperare your self for war because we will come and destroy everyone who stands in front of us.
    (Toni, 25 June 2018 18:13)

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  23. Uruguay - Russia 3-0 today ,i told you Serbs Croats and Albanians that Uruguay is next world champhion i had bet on them 100 euro i will win thousands of euro

    As for Serbia -Swiss at 1-1 even after referee stole Serbia with that penalty Serbia missed a huge chance to make 2-1 , it was a lucky win for Swiss with help of referee
    (adrian_bucharest, 25 June 2018 18:51)

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  24. Its over Shaqiri and Xhaka 10 thousand Euro fine...
    Sorry Serbia!
    (Teodor Muzaka 1389, 25 June 2018 19:28)

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  25. ROFL - if you have time and mood to think about all this - lucky you, I am envy.

    This is just a game.

    BTW: it is not reported but Croatian hooligans had one debate with Argentinian hooligans more than they should...

    All landed up at the police station. Apparently the Argentinians were the perpetrators, so they going to be put on the airplane back.

    How stupid it is... a B/A Moscow ticket is not cheap, they screwed it up.

    All it is just a game... with all the eagles.
    (Honcho, 25 June 2018 19:36)

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  26. Typical reaction from the serbs, you knew there were four players of Albanian origin playing for the Swiss and YES this was expected from a lot of us Albanians!. FIFA should do DNA analysis on Lichtsteiner (Swiss Captain) whether he's of Albanian-Illyrian descent!. You've got a lot well known players from Premier League, La Liga etc who have crossed their hands making the Albanian Eagle (including Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid) celebrating their goals!. Back in 2014 Albanians made a pretty good joke by flying a piece of cloth by drone in Belgrade and you people fell for it!. Now the hand gesture coming from Xhaka, Shaqiri and Lichtsteiner!. Some people never learn do they?.
    (ALB-Canada, 25 June 2018 19:39)

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  27. Hollow victory for "Switzerland".
    (Andy UK, 25 June 2018 10:28)

    I would invite them to a cake (made in a black two-headed eagle form). And let's eat it. And let them feel bad and ashamed.

    Russians in general have absolutely no anti-Albanian feelings.
    What negative you see - is merely a reaction.

    The worst things I did hear about Albanians is the same as about Montenegrins: "their guys are very bad husbands because they are horribly lazy". That comes from Russian women, not men of course.
    (Honcho, 25 June 2018 19:44)

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  28. Leave it up to the Balkans to take an already politically-infused sporting event and turn it into a matter of life or death in national pride and dignity. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
    (Balkan Anthropologist, 25 June 2018 19:45)

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  29. @Millosh Kopiliqi
    i see you've run into what in known as perspective.
    to you a symbol or gesture may seem pretty benign, and indeed from your perspective it may very well be. similarly you see another symbol or gesture as loaded with racist, nationalistic innuendo. Again, it may or may not be strictly provocative, as is visible from your perspective.

    however, from what one can easily glean from this forum, and at large, international news about this story, the double handed gesture is about as loaded as is the 3 fingered gesture. the double headed symbolism is as much a non-issue as is the 3 fingered salute.

    you say your symbol has nothing but good intentions behind it
    others say their symbol has nothing but good intentions behind it.

    both wrong, both right.

    it'd be nice that you followed through with your high position in your post, or at least trying to straddle the middle ground.
    its highly unethical to claim one thing is okay for on group but not another.

    provocations have happened in the past, and in the past those provocations were punished. these provocations, as they've been interpreted by those who were offended, should carry an appropriate response by the governing body: a response that is equal in measure and method to those previous provocations in the past.
    then and only then will the word fairness make any sense.
    (iron knee, 25 June 2018 20:40)

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  30. Ari Gold :

    Beating the Serbs is EVERYTHING!
    (Azir, 25 June 2018 21:14)

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  31. Now the results:
    1. Xhaka and Shaquiri: 8.680 Euro penalty each for their double eagle gesture which was considered political, 4.340 Euro for the Swiss team captain for doing the same, out of 'solidarity'
    2. 4.340 Euro each for the Serbian Coach and Serbian Team boss for insulting the referee with their war criminal analogy.
    3. 46.860 Euro for the Serbian football association for misbehavior of their hooligan fans shouting 'Kill the Squiptars'

    In my opinion: Well deserved, all of them, some higher penalty would have been a better sign, though.
    (Comm. Parrisson, 25 June 2018 21:42)

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  32. Serbian goal keeper don’t know how to tell his mother that he got two goals from the Albanians.
    He is admitting that his mother is racist / hater too. Hay what dose FIFA has to say about his comment?
    (Albanian American, 25 June 2018 22:57)

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  33. Don't have an issue with those Albos doing their finger signs but I do however have an issue with that referee not adjudicating an obvious blatant penalty when Mitrovic was dragged down by 2 Albanian player. Why VAR did not review that decision is mind boggling.
    (Bacon and Eggs, 26 June 2018 02:50)

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  34. The Swiss fans should be insulted that these Albanian players are wearing and using symbols from another country. Ibrahimovich proudly played for Sweden and nobody else but Sweden unlike these ungrateful Albanians who were given the opportunity to play for Switzerland not Albania or Kosovo.
    (Jugislavija, 26 June 2018 09:30)

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  35. (J. Titor revisited, 25 June 2018 17:35)

    Ok Kosovo is now free so why don't they move back to Albo paradise? In fact since 1999 over 500,000 no longer live in Kosovo so why dont they move back? Surely Milosevic is not stopping them???????
    (sj, 26 June 2018 10:58)

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  36. The main complaint was about FIFA appointing a German ref who was biased for not awarding Serbia an obvious penalty. Now that has gone unanswered, which is the whole point. Who is going to investigate FIFA? It was FIFA who was responsible for the great robbery. Seems most people are a little distracted with politics.
    (Zoran, 26 June 2018 11:36)

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  37. It was a great game. Swiss played the entire game and Serbia did not. In typical fashion, Serbia goes up 1-0 and goes into a shell and plays Defensive futbol.... They are suited for the “long ball”. The clear mugging of the penalty was a gross miss. The Albo celebration is what it is.... After the first one was shown, Serbia should’ve shut em up w/their play but did not. I can’t help to think what kind of a powerhouse would “Yugoslavia” would’ve been in today’s game... What a pitty! Serbia needs to attack Brazil from the opening whistle and can’t get too gassed in the process!
    (Alek, 26 June 2018 12:36)

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  38. Why not make it more clear? Anything that has to do with Albanian, Croatian, Bosnian, USA or the Whole worlds except Russia it bother Serbs. Serbs are like baby's they cry for anything.
    (SUISS FAn, 26 June 2018 13:59)

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  39. Albanians never complain when Serbs celebrate with their gesture etc.
    but Serbs do have a problem when Albanians do.
    (BLACK EAGLE, 25 June 2018 14:49)

    This was a game between these two particular Albanian players and the group of Serbian + Russian fans.

    What wasn't told here: each party tried to p*ss off the "enemy" long before the game.
    The head of Swiss team seem to be an ethnic Serb from Bosnia and there are at least two more Albanians in the Swiss team.

    We did not hear anything from them. So it was a deliberate trouble-making on each side and it was addressed towards particular group of persons.

    Not any better than a brawl in the pub.

    Same with Argentinians vs. Croats. Not the 3:0 was the problem, the problem was that they had one girl less than desired and one drink more than what is reasonable.

    And landed up at the police station.
    (Honcho, 27 June 2018 10:28)

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