1. There is still some way to go.
    It's interesting that those countries that are very, very loud on th issue don't follow up with the practice. Just recently I read Grant Thorton Institut's report (US, if you were wondering) on women participation in the business world.


    "With 45 percent of senior management positions held by women, Russia has once again topped a ranking of countries with the highest percentage of women in senior business roles"

    Japan has 7%, Germany is sharing ranking with India (???) at 15%....

    "Meanwhile, 39 percent of businesses in G7 countries (Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Britain and the United States) had no women in senior management positions. "

    I can only agree with the quote from this article.

    “Companies across developed nations have talked the talk on diversity in leadership for long enough. It’s time to put their promises into practice and deliver results.”
    (Sreten, 18 October 2017 06:05)

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