Consumer protection group wants TV fees abolished

NIŠ -- The Niš-based Forum Consumer Protection Center has asked President Tomislav Nikolić to live up to his campaign promise and abolish TV fees

In Serbia, the public broadcaster RTS collects monthly fees from all citizens, bundled with their electricity bills. In addition to this, the media outlet is allowed to air commercials.

In an open letter sent to the president, the group notes that Nikolić - who was elected president on May 20 - made the promise during the election campaign, and that the citizens now expect him to fulfill it.

"This will be a test of the trust you gained from the citizens and we do not expect that you will let them down," the letter said.

The consumer protection group also noted that Nikolić during the campaign called on all participants in the elections "to state their position on resolving the issue of high debt owed by the citizens to the state", adding that the state also owes the citizens - "through unpaid taxes and contributions".