Angry locals confront reporters in MladiŠ arrest village

LAZAREVO -- Some 150 villagers in Lazarevo, Vojvodina, northern Serbia, today confronted media crews reporting about the arrest of Ratko MladiŠ.

The former military leader of Serbs in Bosnia, accused by the Hague Tribunal of genocide and war crimes, was arrested there early on Thursday.

The villagers gathered around the house where MladiŠ stayed pulled out electric cables used by a B92 TV crew that was reporting live.

They also attempted to attack journalists of Belgrade's Prva TV.

Our reporter in Lazarevo says that beside the villagers, several dozen police officers are also present near the house.

The villagers are playing patriotic songs, while a priest has been spotted among them.

Those gathered said they would not leave "until every last media crew has left".

A special prayer - moleban - was served for MladiŠ's health in one of Lazarevo's two churches.

A large number of villagers are reported to have joined the service, lighting candles dedicated to the Hague indictee's good health.