SNS leader on assassination claims

BELGRADE -- SNS leader Tomislav Nikolić said that he would not dismiss the possibility that SRS leader Vojislav Šešelj ordered his assassination, daily Politika writes.

The leader of the opposition party said that he was “fairly shaken” by the information that Zemun Clan member Miloš Simović told investigators that he was the target of a planned assassination.

Asked by the daily whether there could be truth to the rumor that Šešelj ordered the killing, Nikolić said that “it isn't easy to find out whether someone is capable of doing such a thing".

“I would to find out that it is not true. But that is difficult, because I know the ties between these people…I also know that none of them have a reason to lie to me, especially when they are being investigated by police. If Simović really revealed this in the investigation, he had no reason to make it up,” Nikolić said.

“This time it feels like it is someone in the family. Regardless of everything I have experienced, I have never said a bad word about my former president,” Nikolić said.

Nikolić was Šešelj’s deputy in the Serb Radical Party (SRS) before defecting and setting up his own Serb Progressive Party (SNS).

The organized crime prosecution has begun an investigation into the rumors that Šešelj, who is on trial for war crimes before the Hague Tribunal, ordered the assassination of Nikolić from The Hague.

Nikolić said that he has learned that Šešelj ordered his assassination by way of fugitive criminal Luka Bojović, adding that the information came from recently arrested Zemun Clan member Miloš Simović.

SRS, in turn, announced they would file criminal charges against daily Blic for reporting the allegations.

Nikolić currently has 24-hour security with him because of the perceived treats against his life.