The decision has been made: lockdown VIDEO

Crisis Staff session ended, at which the current epidemiological situation was analyzed. It was decided for a lockdown starting from Saturday at 12 o'clock.

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Foto: Shutterstock/BalkansCat
Foto: Shutterstock/BalkansCat

On Saturday, everything will work until 12 o'clock, and until Monday, until 6 o'clock in the morning, only food, medicine and fuel stores will work, said the member of the Crisis Staff, Dr. Predrag Kon, and added that high schools will be transferred to online classes from Monday. He also explained to that online classes for primary school children were also considered, but that the proposal was not accepted.

Theaters will be able to work, scheduled sporting events can be held, but without an audience. As he states, on Monday, everything will work as before the measures adopted at today's session.

Lockdown for the weekend; primary schools continue to work normally

When asked if the next two days will have an effect, he says - "I think, but it won't be enough".

He added that "the only thing we rely on is immunization" and emphasized that the immunity from the vaccine is higher than the one after the disease. "It's relative what someone experiences, whether they have problems or not. The impossible mission is for the virus to disappear completely, ”he added.

According to him - we have a weapon in our hands and we have to use it, he said, referring to vaccines. "It would be best to close and vaccinate, but we have to understand that there are other angles and a solution is needed," he added.

There is no explanation of the measures, these are decisions

The crisis headquarters will meet again on Tuesday, said Kon and added that there are no explanations about the measures, that they are decisions, while he does not want to talk about what was behind the door at the session.

"It is quite certain that there was an exchange of opinions - and energetic ones. The result is that we have what I am transmitting now. Tuesday is a sequel. Prolonged closure is hardly an option for Serbia. It is also impossible not to react to increased virus activity." he adds. He says that these are the decisions of the Crisis Staff, and not just the medical part, and he adds that someone understands the exchange of opinions as a misunderstanding, someone as a conflict. "If we only go to the closures, we will go round and round. The closures are necessary. Let's move on. We have to continue this work and bring it to an end," says Dr. Predrag Kon.

When asked who convinced him that today's measures are sufficient, he answered that we do not have an increase in the number of new infections day by day, even though it is at a huge level. “Better than having no measures,” he says.

Prior to the session...


According to earlier announcements of the members of the Crisis Staff, a decision on tightening the measures should have been made at the session, and the State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mirsad Djerlek, advocated for that today.

Before the beginning of the session, Dr Branislav Tiodorović told that he was as tense as a rifle. "I am tense like a rifle. I can't tell you anything now. But we will certainly see at the session," said Branislav Tirodorović. You know my position, said Dr Predrag Kon.

At the previous session, the medical part of the Crisis Staff advocated a complete lockdown, at least for seven to 10 days, and then it was left for the final decision to be made in a few days. For the previous weekend, the measures were valid, which meant that the catering facilities and shopping centers were open until 2 p.m.

The number of infected people on a daily basis is around 4.000 in the previous days, which is not promising at all, so it was expected that the measures would be tightened. Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić reiterated earlier today that Belgrade will not vote for the decision on complete lockdown.

"If a decision was made to completely close or shorten working hours, it would be wrong, because it will not contribute to the normalization of life, and I will say that at the Crisis Staff meeting. Belgrade will not vote for that decision, which is practically impossible to implement," Vesic said, hosted on the News channel.


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