Kon: Did anyone think we would send police force on the people? VIDEO

Crisis staff member, epidemiologist Dr Kon stated that we certainly have a larger number of infected than registered due to the non-compliance with the measures

Source: B92
Screenshot TV Prva
Screenshot TV Prva

The funeral of SPC Patriarch Irinej caused the most controversy, and when asked to comment on the event and whether the measures of the Crisis Staff were respected, Dr Kon said that, based on what he saw on television, it is quite certain that the measures were not fully respected.

"True, the measures were not respected everywhere, but for the most part they were. I cannot gain insight only on the basis of what was aired on TV. Obviously, efforts have been made to respect the measures," Dr Predrag Kon said, adding:

"Non-compliance with the measures is a problem for all of us."

Asked if that was the reason why the Crisis Staff said that it was necessary to introduce measures immediately, and instead they started to be valid on Tuesday, he told TV Prva that we had the patriarch's funeral, so three days of mourning... "I do not enter in that matter, decisions have been made and everyone stands behind them", he said.

"The medical part of the Crisis Staff persistently puts some topics on the agenda, but it seems that it is not present enough in public," Dr Kon said.

According to him, it seems that it is not present enough in public that the Crisis Staff is not made up of only a few people who appear on television.

"Some people think that force is everything. The only thing that can be done is to persistently talk about avoiding and preventing risky things, to beware," said Kon, noting that he was shocked by the controversy on social networks.

"The force that is in the hands of the state - I don't know what people expect? Do they think that someone will send police force to the people? It's incomprehensible to me", he said.

Our opponent is a virus and it is pointless to waste energy on blaming one another, he notes.

"What has happened so far, until tomorrow, will probably give results as well. A decision has been made, now we all have to stand behind it. The medical part of the crisis staff persistently puts some topics on the agenda, but it does not seem to be present enough in public ", Dr Predrag Kon reiterated.

"It doesn't matter who has this or that opinion, what's important is that we get results."


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