"Serbia needs to consider introducing new measures"

The director of the WHO Office in Serbia, Marijan Ivanuša, stated today that new measures should be considered against the spread of coronavirus.

Source: Tanjug
Printskrin TV Prva/ arhiva
Printskrin TV Prva/ arhiva

He said that the number of new patients is high and that the situation is rather serious.

Such an epidemiological situation is in line with the trend in Europe and the northern hemisphere, which is generally worrying, Ivanusa told RTS.

"Deteriorations should be stopped as soon as possible, because we see that countries that haven't done so are now facing great challenges," Ivanusa said.

He stated that Serbia has done a lot, that it has quickly switched its health system from normal to COVID, as well as that many measures are in force, but that they are not performed in the most optimal way and that there is room for improvement.

"We need to think about new measures, we need to limit the gathering of people, enable people who go to work to be safe, maintain physical distance everywhere, masks, hand hygiene, testing of those who have symptoms, quarantine for the sick, as well as timely treatment," Ivanuša underlined.

He says that PCR testing of people entering Serbia is not a decisive measure, but that the most important thing is to respect public health measures.

He also says that the new COVID hospitals are of exceptional importance, because people will need hospital treatment, but that the hospital cannot prevent the epidemic, but adherence to the public health measures can.


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