"Migrant influx massive, 7,000 enter Serbia on Monday"

The influx of migrants in Serbia is still massive with around 7,000 people entering the country on Monday, Rados Djurovic.

Source: Tanjug

This was announced on Tuesday by Rados Djurovic, the director of the Asylum Protection Center.

"The people from Syria mostly travel directly by buses from southern Serbia to the border in the north and northwest of the country, while Afghans come to Belgrade to find a connection and continue their journey," Djuric said, stressing that "therefore it is necessary to establish a reception center in the capital near the highway."

“A number of people come and go very quickly. Within an hour, they take a new ride and continue their journey to the border,” Djurovic said.

He pointed to the inhumane conditions in the downtown, stressing that for the reason it is necessary to transfer people to a reception center, but not the new one the Belgrade neighborhood of Krnjaca because it is far away from the highway.

“In order to reach the center, they would need a ride, but there is no organized transport of refugees to Krnjaca,” Djurovic said.

He said it was "necessary to move people from the park in the city center, because rainy and cold weather has set in, and they are catching cold."

Djurovic said that unlike in other countries, such as Macedonia and Greece, "the asylum centers are not restrictive."


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