New victim of hemorrhagic fever in Kosovo

Rifat Krueziu from the village of Mlečane near Mališevo has become the second victim of hemorrhagic fever in Kosovo, local media report.

Source: Tanjug

Kosovo media state Krueziu’s wife Sevdia died of the same illness three days ago.

Both Kruezius died at the University Clinical Center in Priština, while their daughter is in the same clinic, though doctors say her condition is stable.

According to the Kruezius’ son, Rifat was attacked by ticks while he was tending to cattle.

Villagers say that this disease has been present for several years now and that is very worrying for the whole region.

“The same thing happens every year, and every year we have victims,” said Rifat Krueziu’s brother, adding that no protective measures had been applied other than warnings to children at school.

Following the latest death, the Hygiene Institute has taken statements from the family, the site of the infection has been located, and the family’s yard and the surrounding area have been sprayed.


Bishop sacks rehab priest

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