Disciplinary proceedings against a teacher in Bar because of Serbian flag PHOTO

Primary School "Yugoslavia" in Bar initiated disciplinary proceedings against the teacher because she asked the students to draw a tricolor in class, CdM learns

Source: B92, Tanjug

The photo was posted yesterday on Facebook, and it shows students holding drawn Serbian tricolor flags in their hands.

The headmistress of the school, Biljana Vukmanovic, confirmed that disciplinary proceedings were initiated against the teacher in a statement to CdM.

"Our school is not a place where open or covert political action will be demonstrated, but a safe and welcoming place for all students," Vukmanovic said.

According to her, all teaching staff are obliged to do their work professionally in the interest of the students, "in accordance with the legal provisions, by-laws and subject school curriculum, as well as to protect children from all forms of illicit and inappropriate individual influences".

The photo was shared on social networks by opposition Montenegrin law leader Marko Milacic with the comment: "Teacher, don't worry about punishment, you are holding an ethics class to all our people."


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