Dodik sworn in for another term as RS president

The Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Serb Republic (RS), on Monday in Banja Luka inaugurated its new parliament.

Source: Beta

At the same time, Milorad Dodik was sworn in as president for another term in office.

In his inauguration speech, Dodik said the RS "kept its autonomy and bolstered institutions over the past four years, was internationally recognized and respected and an unavoidable part of decision-making in Bosnia-Herzegovina today," the Beta news agency reported.

He said that his top priority was preserving the autonomy and authority of the RS and stressed that "Bosnia, as defined by the Dayton Accords, was no hindrance to the RS," adding:

"However, certain foreigners or certain Bosniak politicians are trying to impose on us under the veil of various reforms and with the aim of unitization is absolutely unacceptable to us."

Dodik voiced support to Bosnia's bid to join the European Union on condition that the Serb's entity's autonomy and authority are not diminished. He "stressed that cooperation with Russia was the entity's vital interest, but noted that it wanted to be a serious partner to the U.S. too."


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