"No member of our family killed an Albanian. We have a code of honor."

The Acting Kosovo Prime Minister on RTV Dukagjini spoke on sensitive topics of the post-war period, with the KoSSev portal reporting a part of it

Source: B92, Beta, Kossev

Haradinaj rarely spoke of the mysterious murder of his brother Enver after the war. "Enver was not the problematic guy who created the problem with someone. He was extremely kind and was twice wounded during the war," the Telegraph reports.

Haradinaj said his murder was part of a scenario prepared by Serbia since Enver did no harm to any Albanian.

"I think his murder was part of that scenario, it was proved in Dukagjini. For families to return to hostility. It is true that some Albanians pulled the trigger at one point, but it is Serbian scenario".

Haradinaj says Enver's murder was a political murder because, he said, there is no criminal precedent.

"He did not fight anyone but Serbia in the war. He was killed only because he was my brother or ours. Daut and I were in prison at the time. He was killed out of revenge ... But no member of our family killed an Albanian. Or ordered the murder of one, or killed an Albanian either from the back or from the front. Our family has a codes of honor that we have abide to".

He also said he spoke with former President Rugova about who committed the killings.

He said that, in addition to many LDK officials, he lost many fighters who were in his group, but did not want to make a list, to avoid encouraging fratricide.


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