"Stop wave of regional tensions, it hurts us all"

Stability in the region was shaken even before the referendum in the RS, while the referendum further influenced an increase of tensions.

Source: B92
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Rasim Ljajic, Serbian cabinet minister and one of the deputy prime ministers, said this for TV B92 on Thursday.

This is particularly noticeable in relations between Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ljajic said.

"Serbia took a fairly constructive stance in all this, but we need to do everything to stop the constant wave of tensions in the region, because it is hurting us all," he said.

As he pointed out, the damage reflects mostly on the economy.

"Our interest is to have stability in Bosnia-Herzegovina, to repair relations with the Croatia," Ljajic said.

He added that the current situation is "very much so" influencing the region of Sandzak in southwestern Serbia - where he comes from, and that is home to a large Bosniak (Muslim) minority.

According to Ljajic, nationalism is on the rise "in both communities" there - i.e., among both Bosniaks and Serbs.


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