Vulin: Reaction as soon as we gather evidence

Minister without Portfolio in charge of Kosovo Aleksandar Vulin has said that the election boycott in Kosovo "did not succeed anywhere."

Source: B92

The Serbian government will decide what to do next "after the Kosovo election commission and the OSCE take a stance," he said on Monday.

Vulin emphasized that this was "the first time since 1999 that no one has accused the Serbian state for riots in Kosovo, but it's done by the DSS (party), which will now be taken advantage of by the world and the media."

"That is neither Serbian nor patriotic. Slobodan Samardžić and Hajredin Kuqi made the same statements. I wish those from the DSS at least phoned the international community during the (2004) March pogrom as Aleksandar Vučić did yesterday," Vulin was further quoted as saying.

The minister also stated that when it comes to those who advocated boycott and were were "threatening," the state would react "as soon as it had enough evidence."

"The boycott did not succeed anywhere. We are pleased with the results of the Srpska list," said Vulin, and added that more than 22% of voters turned out in Leposavić and Zubin Potok by 17:00 CET on Sunday, while in Zvečan, the figure was "more than 12%."

Speaking about the possibility of requesting a repeat of election in the north, Vulin said that the state was "awaiting the position of the Kosovo election commission and the OSCE, and will then decide what to do next."

The commission's decision is still being awaited, while B92 has received confirmation from the OSCE that election materials from three polling stations in northern Kosovska Mitrovica had been annulled.


Bill on eGovernment adopted

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