"Belgrade meets commitments, Priština standing in place"

Justice Minister Nikola Selaković said Thursday that the talks with Priština stalled the most when it comes to the judiciary.

Source: Tanjug, TV Pink

He noted that Belgrade has met its commitments, "while the other side is standing in place."

"We have the amnesty law which Priština should have passed in mid-July" and which has now been adopted but is still not in effect, and "meanwhile our people are getting arrested for activities covered by the amnesty," Selaković told TV Pink.

He believes this creates an even deeper chasm and distrust between the Serbs and the Albanians, and says he does not know how the talks will unfold from this point forward.

Selaković says the talks stalled the very moment Serbia fulfilled the obligations it took on within the agreed timeframe.

"This left Priština at an impasse," said Selaković.

Selaković says that several months after the main talks and agreements were concluded, his political opinion is that Priština counted on everything except on the Serbs and Serbia accepting this agreement.

"Now that we have accepted the agreement and are following through, making good on our word and meeting our obligations, the other side is standing in place," said Selaković.

He said when it comes to the judiciary, "Serbia will not go below what can provide full guarantees as to the protection of our citizens' rights, meaning the Serbs and all others who are loyal to the Republic of Serbia."


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