Serbians want both Kosovo and EU

According to the latest opinion poll, 67% of Serbian citizens still believe that the country’s place is in the EU.

Source: B92

However, 74 percent of respondents would not trade EU integration for recognition of Kosovo independence.

Two thirds of those polled opposed NATO membership, while 60 percent were in favor of strengthening ties with Russia. The poll was conducted by the Kosovo Ministry.

The results of the poll, conducted a day before the declaration of independence, indicate that respondents supported state policy on Kosovo for the most part, while 33 percent were in favor of a harsh response to Kosovo independence, though it should not involve breaking off diplomatic relations with those countries recognizing Priština’s declaration.

48 percent of citizens are in favor of partition, while 37 percent strongly oppose it.

As three months earlier, 57 percent citizens rated the situation in the country as poor, while 4 percent said it was good.


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