1. (Bob, 22 January 2016 03:26)
    No Bob there is no such context. I am not a lawyer, but two of my children are, plus there are another seven in my extended family. Australian law is near identical to British law.
    Law is a very precise language otherwise the justice system would be unworkable. Under normal conditions you have an inquest into a death, usually by a coroner, and that report, with its recommendations, is forwarded to the public prosecutor for possible prosecution.
    This report is so vague and the language used is so broad that no prosecutor would entertain the idea of taking it to Court – they would be a laughing stock.
    However, the purpose of these types of inquiries is to throw mud at the opponent, which is more commonly used in politics. Throw enough mud and some of it will stick.
    (sj, 25 January 2016 06:53)

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  2. Bob

    Cameron is nothing more than an upstart who jumps when the Yanks say so. Cameron is a prize idiot and an embarrassment to Britain. He spouts his anti Russian venom whenever he gets the chance. Cameron is nothing more than a warmongering criminal and treasonous even to his own people. I hope the Brits wake up and string him up. Thank god Putin at least is bombing the hell out of IS while Little Britain has done sod all for two years up until recently. Embarrassed at the Russian progress and success after only a short time. Get over yourself bob. You are too full of your own self importance making comments that you cannot back up with evidence (namely the god doesn't exist) question. Who the bloody hell do you think you are? No man can say such things without being able to prove such a statement without solid evidence and you cannot do that. You are but dust and unto dust shalt thou return. You sir are an idiot. You are not worth the time to talk to again.
    (Dr. Who, 24 January 2016 01:11)

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  3. B92. Last sentence in previous post should be 'off' not 'of'.

    I have recently had problems editing text because the cursor does not drag properly. Is this an issue with your code, or is this a browser problem? I use iPad Safari, and do not get problems when editing material for other sites.
    (Bob, 23 January 2016 17:27)

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  4. This is designed to smear him and provoke him. Just goes to show that UK is a little lapdog of the US barking a lot but not much more.
    (Peggy, 22 January 2016 02:35)

    Can you please explain dear what is your logic connecting the smear and the lapdog parts ?!
    (icj1, 23 January 2016 05:04)

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  5. I seem to be arguing with the same few rabid types each time I write on here, so let's do a summary:

    God does not exist.

    Priests with silly beards are .... silly.

    Decent Serbs don't need Serb nationalists.

    Putin is best abandoned.

    The Hague is doing Serbia a favour.

    Serbia has a better future in front of it, and it does not depend on hatred, warfare, corruption, bigotry, priests, nationalism, mafias, or any of the other evils that have dragged the place down recently.

    Please vote against this you rabids - it might help you let of some of your embitternesses.
    (Bob, 23 January 2016 02:31)

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  6. It is improbable that the queen would order a killing. In fact it is a stupid suggestion.

    It is highly likely that Putin would.


    Russia lost nothing in getting rid of communism. It gained freedom.

    For that Russia deserves and gets respect.

    For being pushy and corrupted, there is no cause for giving respect.

    At some stage Russia will use its self respect, and get rid of Putin.
    (Bob, 22 January 2016 14:50)

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  7. Bob claims, "Russia has been corrupted by Putin" & "Russia has a policy of 'do it but deny it'.

    Nah, in truth Russia has (re)developed a backbone under Putin, which by all accounts appears to immensely bother you. Well boo hoo for you!
    Furthermore, why should the USA have a monopoly on a "deny all" policy? After all depending on who you believe it's a free world isn't it?

    Now much like the UK, I too have intel from extremely creditable sources who claim that is was highly "probable" that the Queen ordered MI-5 to liquidate Litvinenko as they had discovered that he had reverted to being a double agent & was a high risk of reverting back to mother Russia. Yes those that gave him his start in life via their education & training to which he returned the favour by becoming disloyal.

    You see much like the UK, we can all use the term "probable" as a disclaimer, plus I too like to sling mud. Who cares if it sticks...no harm done right?

    All the UK achieved with this was that they once again broke their word on protecting his life once he turned.
    Whilst Russia achieved the result of stopping any future ex-agents becoming turn-coats.

    No victors here, only an upper hand to Russia.
    (Probably Probable, 22 January 2016 12:53)

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  8. Comm. Parrisson

    1/ Why are you all so simple minded when it comes to Russia?
    2/ Why you all leave comments if they are so similar primitive?
    3/ Why do you think that you know better what is good for the Russians?
    4/ Do you understand how stupid you all are each time Putin’s ratings are published?
    5/ Do you believe that if the Wests wins Russia you will suck less and live safer?
    6/ Do you know that the Russians dislike things in their government other than those in your helpless mantras ?
    (rote, 22 January 2016 08:47)

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  9. (Comm. Parrisson, 21 January 2016 15:05)

    Whilst I respect your views on the subject, there is still no evidence that Putin did or approved anything. It is a conclusion drawn by a judicial officer that was appointed to reach that deduction and no other. It’s an old political trick. You want to point the finger at something or someone so you go and find a current or retired judge that is closely connected to a political party, then set up an inquiry. It happens all the time. Next time a government holds an inquiry look into the person heading the inquiry and you will find that 99.999% it’s a political hack.
    I would be very happy to accept the conclusion reached in that report if the British justice system changed it procedures so that in the future, claims, such as presented by this inquiry, where hearsay and rumour is the cornerstone, are treated as valid evidence.
    Putin is not stupid to do something like that where they would point the finger at him. Putin is so good he could run any major multinational corporation and people like Blair and Cameron would be polishing his boots.
    (sj, 22 January 2016 06:32)

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  10. sj

    'Probably' in this context is a civil legal term. It is not as strong as 'beyond all reasonable doubt' but says this is a result decided on the balance of the measures available and after due consideration.
    (Bob, 22 January 2016 03:26)

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  11. And to Uk this is really silly stop these drama as its embarrassing.
    (Blind Profet, 21 January 2016 13:33)
    They can't stop it. Seeing how Putin has been taking charge in the ME and keeping them from ousting Assard, they need to smear his name any way they can. To bring out a report which states that Putin probably had a say in it is very stupid and irresponsible. You don't bring a president of a country in a smear story when all you have is a probably. This is designed to smear him and provoke him. Just goes to show that UK is a little lapdog of the US barking a lot but not much more.
    (Peggy, 22 January 2016 02:35)

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  12. Nicolic should stop being too friendly with Putin. It doesn't pay to associate with criminals.
    (Bob, 21 January 2016 22:20)
    Then nobody should associate with Obama and Hillary either.
    The report states that Putin PROBABLY did it. Does the word 'probably' mean something different to you than the rest of us? What sort of a verdict is that? How do you condemn a person on probably?
    You are just so eager to discredit Putin than you are just as foolish as the people declaring Putin guilty but maybe not.
    (Peggy, 22 January 2016 02:26)

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  13. Sadly, Russia has been corrupted by Putin. He has become the usual propaganda artist that goes with the inflated egos of 'President for Life' types. He has a KGB mentality, and it shows. Killings of journalists, a compliant press, followed up with the usual BS.

    Russia has a policy of 'do it but deny it'.

    Nicolic should stop being too friendly with Putin. It doesn't pay to associate with criminals.
    (Bob, 21 January 2016 22:20)

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  14. Russians killers who became members of parliament. Only Putin could have done that. Rewarding and giving immunity to his henchmen.
    (Avni, 21 January 2016 21:21)

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  15. Is it surprising that the killing must have been ordered by some top KGB officials? Or do you think a random little Russian spy has access to Polonium? And yes, since the Kremlin steers everything in Russia, it's likely that Putin knew about it, too.

    P.S: sj, no where in the article was said that 'Putin did it', not even 'Putin ordered it', only that he probably must have approved it, i.e. not opposed to it when the KGB boss ordered the poisoning of his ex-spy Litvinenko who changed sides and had to be punished.
    (Comm. Parrisson, 21 January 2016 15:05)

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  16. There is a difference between a flawed judgement and a flawed system. Most Britons are very happy with the legal and judicial system in the UK but accept that they will not agree with every verdict. I have no doubt that this was an independent public enquiry, we are used to them and they work well. I have more doubt about their conclusions in this case but then in a democracy I can voice such doubts without fear of reprisal. Litvinenko was a former spy so he knew the risks that he was taking if he betrayed his former paymasters. I don't doubt that the Russians had a hand in his death but I am surprised that a link can be drawn to Putin. He was a skilled KGB operative and even if he was involved I am fairly certain he would have covered his tracks. Personally, I wouldn't have thought that he would get involved in what on the surface seems a fairly low level routine operation that unfortunately made the headlines. I am sure heads have rolled in Moscow even with the public denials of any involvement from their security services.
    (Ned taylor, 21 January 2016 14:55)

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  17. Sj

    Once I read a book about the American straight shooters hired to provoke a fight and kill nonprofessionals. Those were several stories about such shooters and one of them started with words : “The only good thing that can be said about this man was that he died young as he wasn’t even 27 but most of those who knew him believed that it had not been early enough.” So was Litvinenko and you will not find a Russian who will regret for this MI-5 agent and traitor.

    It was Berezovsky and the Brits who poisoned and shaved his head. He had no problems with his hair as Polonium does not have such an effect. But Berezovski said that it will improve the TV picture. few years later Berezovski through Abramovich passed two letters to Putin asking him to let him die at home but the Brits killed him too. It was an English murder too because after the funerals Berezovsky's mother said I AM HAPPY THAT EVERYTHING IS ENDED SO GOOD ...
    (rote, 21 January 2016 14:34)

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  18. (Bob, 21 January 2016 12:31)

    What an outrageous claim.
    The report states “… the murder was "probably personally approved" by Vladimir Putin and .. Nikolai Patrushev”.
    Note the word probably and yet guilt is used in the same breath. How do they know? They don’t because why use the word probably. Next I expect old Vlad to have been on the grassy knoll with sniper rifle in hand near the book repository in Dallas in 1962.
    Bob this report is not from the British Court system. It was prepared by a carefully selected political appointee to the judiciary and asked to hold an inquiry so he came to a conclusion that he would never allow in legal matter before him. In other words if you were before him with this type of evidence he would throw it out in 2 seconds.
    It’s a game and no one cares about the conclusion, but rest assured the Poms are going to care. The problem with the Poms they actually think they are a world power, but between you and me they are nothing at all.
    (sj, 21 January 2016 13:34)

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  19. These Russian consequences are starting to pile up. Turkey now UK....!

    I am sure the Queen will be sleepless for this.

    And to Uk this is really silly stop these drama as its embarrassing.
    (Blind Profet, 21 January 2016 13:33)

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  20. I am willing to accept that Putin did it, but only if the Poms accept the same rules of evidence in their judicial system they used when concluding that it was Vlad's fingerprints on the "gun".

    That is why western justice is not worth the toilet paper its printed on.
    (sj, 21 January 2016 13:15)

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