1. “calling on people around you to beware of the partial instrumentalization of history.”

    On the Vidovdan eve I once again looked through some sources about the battle of 1389 because there are lots of things I found no explanation. First I went to the most reliable source of the СРПСКА ПРАВОСЛАВНА ЕПАРХИЈА РАШКО-ПРИЗРЕНСКА …… [link] ..... but I found zero mentioning about the Kosovo Battle that we mark. Maybe because they do not lie. Nothing is mentioned in between 1346 when “the eparchy was promoted to the diocese of a Metropolitan” and “the second half of the 17th century”.

    Very strange ! At least one big church should be established here after the battle where only Christians fought on both sides. But there’s none and only four monasteries and some churches are mentioned but all of them as they say had already existed before the battle. More than strange is that not only Serbs built no new churches here but also the Russians whose Great Khan St. Dmitry Donskoy (Murad I) as if was killed by Milos Obilic ! Together with multiple other strange things I have increasing doubts about the battle with no real evidence of the battle.

    So I wonder if this is the "instrumentalization of history” that they mean ?
    (rote, 27 June 2015 15:51)

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