1. Aleksandar Djordjevic is making himself a target for the New World Order fanatics. The New World Order dictates that nations must disappear, either voluntarily or via mass immigratio of people from the Third World, mostly Moslems.

    I like nations and national traditions. The sports teams of nations should be formed of the indiginous people of those nations. Serbia is a already a multi-nation nation with Serbs, Hungarians and Albanians as its citizens. They could all legitimately play spsort for the national team. Equally, people from different religious denominations could legitimately represent Serbia. Great sportsmen and women from Africa or South America have no place in the Serbian national team. They should play for their own nations.

    If Serbian national teams are composed of people from Serbia and end up as the worst teams on the planet, then so be it. Who would cheer for a Serbian World Cup winning football team if it was formed entirely of South Americans and Africans?
    (Michael Thomas, 27 March 2015 11:22)

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