1. Serbian hypersensitivity is a serious issue as well :)

    I didn't condem all Serbs Marko. Are the Women in Black not also Serbs?

    I said "Serbian savagery", "Serbian" describing the savagery not savagry describing Serbs.

    maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like there is a unique kind of savagery around these parts that entitles some people to attack others based on stepping away from the 'party line'.

    maybe there are other places where police call for the lynching of others for saying 'we should remember the victims'. I just happen to not be familiar with it.

    I will admit that my remarks were intentionally inflamatory. I happen to enjoy amusing myself by disturbing Serbian hypersensitivity. It's a kind of OCD thing; I can't help it :)
    (Danilo, 3 April 2014 12:33)

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  2. "How could anyone POSSIBLY have any response except for, "that's terrible"?

    Danillo, the first comment on this thread was my unreserved condemnation of the act of the individual perpetrator. I want as far as to say he should be held responsible if any harm comes to the group.

    Your first comment was to blame all Serbs calling them savages.
    So to answer your question:

    ("How could anyone POSSIBLY have any response except for, "that's terrible"?) The answer is some people, such as yourself, would not respond that way, but utter some derogatory comment about an entire group. Then they would pretend that their comment was not racist because techinically the group they insult is not a race, and then they would comment that the people who call you a biggot for making bigoted statments are morally perverted.

    You show absolutely no will to concede your error. You refuse to be accountable, but would hold others in either or contempt or high account (depending on what suits you). I can't continue with you. I guess the others were right to warn me about you. Please have the last word, I am sure it will further demonstate my point.
    (marKo, 2 April 2014 17:51)

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  3. What the hell is wrong with some of you guys??

    We're talking about a police chief telling people to lynch people because they are making a memorial of victims killed in military agression.

    How could anyone POSSIBLY have any response except for, "that's terrible"?

    How laughable would be some of your responses if they weren't so tragically inhuman.

    I'm a biggot. I'm immoral. the problem is "people like me". People who are outraged at a police calling for the lynch of people who say "remember the victims"?

    If this is "immoral", what's "moral"? Killing someone for saying that killing is bad?

    What happens to a person that they get so confused about morality. That blindly boostering for your "team" is more important that the lives of people.

    How do people become so morally perverted?
    (Danilo, 1 April 2014 19:43)

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  4. Ladies in Black.

    This is not a group who just memorialise.

    These honourable ladies were protesting against murders long ago.

    Now they are remembering people who suffered.

    Suffering is not about sides or races. It is about people.


    If your politics is more important than the suffering of others, go and stick your head in a bucket of poo.

    (Bob, 30 March 2014 21:45)

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  5. 2) When a high official of police says calls for the lynching of that group (why, again?), then there is a deep problem in that society.


    Yes, because Serbia is the only place in the world where "high officials" make ludicrous statements. In America some congressman said in the case of rape, the female body has the means to shut down the ability to become impregnated. By your scale, every country in the world has "deep problems".

    Personally, I think a huge part of the savagery and deep problems stem from the type of outlook that you and people like you share.

    Don't be so lazy and some other government to "save" you. Governments do not make countries rich, and the ones that bombed you definitely do not have any interest in modernizing Serbia or any of the region really. If disregarding national interests were the key to prosperity, Serbia should be Switzerland by now. The post-October 5th politics you support has lead to the systematic failure of Serbia.
    (Ari Gold, 29 March 2014 20:28)

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  6. "When a high official of police says calls for the lynching of that group (why, again?)"

    That is because of the skeletons that MUP, the police and special forces still have in the closet. Sure, some high level officials were condemned in the Hague (because Serbia was forced by the EU to hand them over), but most of the low level soldiers that actually pulled the trigger are still free and have had a career of 15 years rising in the ranks. They are the most scared by this type of commemoration of the victims.
    (Reader, 29 March 2014 16:27)

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  7. "Feel free to adress what I said instead of trying to call me names, Marko."

    Okay, you said
    "Serbian savagery is always close to the surface"

    "I'll say it again"
    Yes, because bigotry is compulsive

    You make some observations about why what the police spokesman did is bad. I won't address them, because I agree it was bad. the first post on this thread was my denouncement of what he did. What he did isn't why I call you a bigot, I call you a bigot because you pre judge what all serbs are based on your observations of the worst behaviour individual serbs are responsible for. You are insulted that I call you a bigot. That is a good sign you probably don't want to be one. You understand that bigotry leads to the actions of people who do real harm to others.

    I suggest to you that your bigotry is a cancer, but it is not terminal. It is easily addressed. I had the cancer too, it comes back now and then, but i cut it away from me. I refuse to let hatred define anyone else, because that hatred will only define me.
    (marKo, 29 March 2014 15:43)

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  8. MarKo,

    Don't waste your time with Danilo who uses Doot or Danny Danbridge and Danilo_Vancouver on the internet.

    He is a miserable -pathetic really- person from Vanvouver, Canada who in 2008 moved to Belgrade for employment.

    Even the Belgrade Foreign Visitors Club got tired of his chronically hate-filled comments and kicked him out of their group.


    His childish comments on his blog remind me of a 40 year old male still having tantrums -

    Not worth your time, MarKO.
    (Roger7, 29 March 2014 05:14)

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  9. I don/t know where to start here - so many levels of outrage and dark humor. But one thing for sure - if Women in Black is the "peace movement" today, we can expect endless war and aggression from Serbia...
    (roberto, 29 March 2014 04:59)

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  10. (Danilo, 28 March 2014 21:00)

    The problem is, NGO's such as these do not care about Serbian victims at all. They want to provoke and cast more light on victims which have already been grossly exaggerated in Western media. And they want to do it right in Serbia where her victims have been totally disregarded.

    But I guess this is what makes Serbia special and unique. Because it's not as if you would find on the streets of Zagreb or Pristina any commemoration for Serbian civilians. The fact that the likes of you and the women in black exist, is something that makes Serbia a little different.

    Although I don't know how positive this is, because I believe that your type have some sort of sick complex in the brain where the country you live in is responsible for all your unhappiness in life. Without Serbia's supposed national interests, you believe you would be living a more comfortable life. Lol, anything to not have to work for it.
    (Ari Gold, 29 March 2014 01:32)

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  11. Feel free to adress what I said instead of trying to call me names, Marko.

    I'll say it again.

    1) When a group who says that one should remember the victims of massacres is in any way controvercial, then there is a deep problem in that society. It means that the society is very sick.

    2) When a high official of police says calls for the lynching of that group (why, again?), then there is a deep problem in that society.

    3) When comparatively reasonable voices of a society (I'm talking about you, Marko), get their panties in a twist when someone points this out, then there is a deep sickness in that society.
    (Danilo, 28 March 2014 21:00)

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  12. On the contrary Danilo, you are a very sorry individual. Your arguement does not stand up to scrutiny.
    You argue that one cannot be racist against Serbs because Serbs are not a race. Fine, as a matter of comprimse I won't call your actions racist as they are not specifically racist, but are instead an example of bigotry. Now that we have dealt with the semantics, and you are a biggot rather than a racist, you can consider the kind of person you want to be.
    (marKo, 28 March 2014 18:03)

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  13. Marko,

    When a chief of a police unit is telling people to go assault people that are saying, "we need to remember victims"; when the existence of a group that reminds people of victims that aren't their own nationality is something controvercial, then, what you have is a serious societal and cultural problem from which there is no easy solution.

    Where am I promting "race guilt"? Since when are Serbs a "race"?

    Not sure what else to say. Perhaps it would be polite to say, "sorry that my stating the obvious troubles you", except that I'm not sorry.
    (Danilo, 28 March 2014 17:41)

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  14. Serbian savagery is always close to the surface
    (Danilo, 28 March 2014 15:23)

    But thankfully doesn't spill over as it does in most of Serbia's neighboring countries.
    (Balkan Anthropologist, 28 March 2014 17:39)

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  15. "Serbian savagery is always close to the surface"

    That is a very troubled statement. You have no interest in debate and an exchange of ideas. You spend your free time disparaging nations on the internet and promoting race guilt hoping to hurt some strangers and spread your illness. I hope you can find some peace in your life.
    (marKo, 28 March 2014 16:21)

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  16. Serbian savagery is always close to the surface
    (Danilo, 28 March 2014 15:23)

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  17. This is politically embarrassing, and immoral. The person should be fired. If anyone comes to harm because of his words, he should be held partially accountable for damages.

    I don’t necessarily like the Woman in Black, but I like that groups like this exist. Serbia is the only country in the Balkans that has people who want to memorialize all of the dead. You will not see a like group in the other former Yugoslav republics that remembers Serbian dead. This is part of Serbia’s unique character. People are willing to have unpopular opinions if they feel that they are right. Shutting people like that down weakens freedom and order.

    These sorts of comments are not helpful, they also serve to promote the groups that are attacked.
    (marKo, 28 March 2014 14:29)

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