1. First time in my life I'm hearing that you can get free money from Belgrade by getting a "free share". Could someone show me how to apply for one? (Kidding).

    The "kosovo debt" is basically Yugoslavia's debt that Serbia over-the-night decided to stick it to Kosova. It's okay, we'll take care of it. Serbia should not pay the debt of the of Kosova.
    (KS, 3 March 2008 03:18)
  2. Although we are separted in theory and practice we still have few things to solve:

    Serbia make millions out of the 00381 phone line that Kosova use, who has a high number of diaspora.

    In 1990 the deposits of Kosova's Albains population in Bankos were never repaid by the value just, the right numbers( remebr the inflation of 1990-1991). Kosovo Albanians lost millions of savings without even daring to compalin to anybody at that time.

    Serbia killed 10 000 Albains in 1999, surely those families should have th eright for compensations.

    Serbia destryed 30% of Albanins homes in 1999, so the debt that Delic is talking about to stop will of course be negotiated about all of the above.

    Yes Kostunica is wrong of why he wants to continue and pay the debt, but he is right to continue and pay the debt that Serbia owns to Kosova.
    (femi, 2 March 2008 22:59)
  3. Can somebody please clear up the issue on Kosovo debt?

    What is it, why Serbia is paying?
    (Pijetro, 1 March 2008 00:26)
  4. The solution is to freeze the payments of Kosovo's debts and suspend payments of shares until Kosovo's independence is declared illegal by an international court. Alternatively, compensation for outstanding payments can be claimed from the EU and the US who were responsible for the creation of a false state. 'No taxation for (Kosova's debts) without representation.
    (Pera, 29 February 2008 21:49)
  5. I think the Serbian population would be outraged to hear that they were paying Kosova's debts.

    The way to win Kosovo back is to make Serbia's economy strong it buys negotiating power.

    Serbia has done well it has limited the number of countries who have recognised Kosovo's independence it must now support the defacto partition of the north (probably covertly, leaves less to claw back later) and focus on building it's economic strength. It will always be Serbia's policy to return Kosovo to Serbia but this overriding objective should not jepordise Serbia's economic prospects.
    (Pera, 29 February 2008 21:41)
  6. Free shares are offered to all of Serbia's citizens be they Albanian from Kosovo or Hungarian from Vojvodina.

    For all those Albanians taking up the offer are in effect admitting they are Serbian citizens and as such are completely entitled to it!

    The more Albanians taking up this offer the better for Serbia's international court case!
    (ZK UK, 29 February 2008 19:39)
  7. Even as Serbian officials extended the talks about Kosovo's future, they continued to advance only legal arguments, and never expressed any desire to share a country with Albanians. They wanted only a piece of paper that would give them ownership of Kosovo.

    (Gordana Knezevic is the director of RFE/RL's South Slavic and Albanian Languages Service.)
    (kiko, 29 February 2008 18:13)
  8. I cannot understand Kostunica why to insist so much on paying Kosovo debts? That money, and we are talking about some 100-150 000 Euros per year, should be re-directed to Serbian enclaves in Kosovo and invest that sum in development and for new jobs. Albanians should be able to pay their debts since they do not want to live under Belgrade’s umbrella. In any case Belgrade should not invest in Albanians but the Serbs. I expected, even had Albanians agreed on wide autonomy, they would have to pay off their debts, not Belgrade any longer. Besides, once Kosovo again under full control or just under Serbia’s full sovereignty, we can pay back the debts if necessary. It is never too late for such thing, and now the list of priorities must be made and the same money invested in those priorities.


    You are absolutely right, Albanians in Kosovo should have no any rights on free shares.
    (bmrusila, 29 February 2008 17:20)
  9. Martin,

    What are these "free shares" you are talking about? I'm just curious.
    (Razvan, Bucharest, Romania, 29 February 2008 15:29)
  10. Tough choice, to pay or not to pay. What do you guys think? Are you going to pay Kosova's debt, or you want Kosova to remain part of Serbia and NOT pay the debt?
    This is turning into a puppet show.
    (miri, 29 February 2008 15:22)
  11. Serbia should have stopped paying debts for Kosovo as soon as the UN took over administration of the country. Also, why is Serbia giving free shares to Kosovo Albanians who are rejecting their Serbian citizenship ? If you want free shares from Serbia then you must agree to be ruled from Belgrade.
    (Martin, 29 February 2008 14:07)