1. So basically it says the albanians have supervised independence and the enclaves will govern there areas with out involvement in Kosovo albanins affairs. So 1244 went out the window. Well i guess they are cheering and kicking up there heels in pristina.
    (J.Ham, 26 March 2007 19:49)

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  2. As Ahtisaari said, this proposal refelects the recent history, undeniable relaity, and only viable solution for economic and political future of Kosovo/a. It seems like a very pragmatic proposal.

    Serbs can come up with any kind of legal argument or UN law (which strangly all of the sudden became very important to serbs, but not during the war in 1999), histrorical or religious claims (a lot of it based on myths), or they can even shout like some people do in this post ' Kosovo is Serbia', but it will not change the reality on the ground.

    The fact is that there are 2 million albanians in Kosovo (and rapidly grwoing) who will never ever accept anything less than indepence, and they detest pationately the idea of remaining within serbia. Now, this is not a threat, or a lie, and they are not scared of so called 'albanian mafia', but its reality and a fact.

    I cannot understand how serbs expect to keep 2 million people with force within serbia. The only way to do that is to force it with violence on albanians. This will not happen, and it would not be good for either Kosovo or Serbia.

    So unless you expell 2 million albanians or they volentraly decide to go somewhere, the only possible solution is independence.

    The only question is Kosovan Serbs, who i feel sorry for because they are getting used and ignored by the serbian goverment, who cares about the land and not the people.

    Serbs of the north (excluding Trepca) might want to join Serbia, and personally, as albanian, if we were to ignore the consequences on the region, I would not be against that and it would probably be easier for both countries, Kosovo and Serbia, to move foward since it would soften the blow of independence. The remaining serbs in the south would either have to accept the independent Kosovo or move out. The rest of the serbs can come and visit their churches with tourist visas.

    I understand why serbs are against the indpendence of kosovo, however you should blame you leaders (milosevic), even Koshtunica, and yourselves for electing them in the first place, for Kosovo's independence.

    If we ignore these facts, it just means more violence, political instability, lack of economic prosperity for both Kosovo and Serbia.
    (nikshala, 26 March 2007 19:58)

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  3. nikshala, international law was important to the FRY during the 1999 war. They brought procedings against NATO countries during the bombardment!

    At the end of the day Kosovo is not a nation. It doesn't have a flag, or distinctive language. I personally think the best solution is a unique one, as there isn't supposed to be a precendent! The territory of Kosovo can belong to both Albania and Serbia with a UN force to ensure peace and no other army. The people who live in the territory can choose to remain a Serbian citizen or become an Albanian citizen individually so that they can belong to the nation they feel they belong to. There would be no restriction of travel from Serbia proper to Kosovo, or from Albania into Kosovo. Obviously as Albanians are in the vast majority in Kosovo they would form the government of a nearly independent state, but would be represented in the UN by Albania or Serbia. The Albanians of Kosovo can elect members to the Albanian parliament and the Serbians of Kosovo can elect members to the Serbian parliament as based on their chosen citizenship. Kosovo would be like a buffer territory.
    (Philip Davies, 27 March 2007 00:30)

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  4. Philip Davies, with all due respect….
    What are you saying is nonsense. “territory of Kosovo can belong to both Albania and Serbia with a UN force to ensure peace and no other army”

    You know what, there wont be any more UN missions in Kosovo where people like you will come and get hell lots of money, and produce jus as little as you can keep your job.
    You’re writing comments all day in a B92, surfing in internet all day long, and in the end of the day act like a god, Shoot people and go back home to your country (remember the Rumanians).

    The new international presence in Kosovo will only be here for a short term and they will at leas be accountable of their actions, and in the end Kosovars (Albanians, Turks, Roma, and the Serbs have the option to join) will deal their own affairs.

    Respect to all
    Avni Gjoni
    (Avni Gjoni, 27 March 2007 09:02)

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  5. It's clear that Kosovo will be indipendent at thew end; it's clear since 1999 and Serb politicians perfectly know it, but they are scared to admit in front of their public opinion (that honestly face problems most important than kosovo).
    Could it be possible a different solution?
    I don't think so.
    Does international community have to claim the respect of rule of law and human rights in kosovo?
    Absolutely, but unfortunately we don't, so we'll give indipendence without asking for anything in change.
    And the result is going to be another mafia state, a paradise for every kind of illegal traffic, leaded by cutthroats.
    No bad, isn't it?
    (beppe, 27 March 2007 09:36)

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  6. To Philip Davis!
    For my your proposal looks like "The Wife of two Hausbands"! It's an old alb. sentence.No offence!
    (rile, 27 March 2007 10:30)

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  7. Avni Gjoni, you disagree with my proposal which is fair enough, but your somewhat bizarre personal attack on me makes no sense at all. I don't have anything to do with the UN mission in Kosovo and I am not Romanian.

    As an addition to my plan the UN would eventually go and instead only a civilian police force would remain. No need for an army.

    It maybe a "wife of two husbands" solution, but at least it is a novel and unique solution.
    (Philip Davies, 27 March 2007 14:32)

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  8. hey, b92. You state "Comments which include insults, indecencies, racial or national hate messages and intolerance of any kind will not be published." but you still published the report on Kosovo's future status. What an insult!!!
    (aleks, 27 March 2007 16:20)

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  9. Belgrade must be given the right to veto laws that have to do with Serbs. Serbs in Kosovo will be citizens of Serbia and therefore the Kosovo government will be passing laws that have to do with citizens of another country but which live in Kosovo.
    (Brian, 30 March 2007 17:06)

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  10. There were no negotiations. You had the Albanians and Ahtisaari pushing for total indepedence and Serbia opposing. Now that the Albanian side has its proposal it is time to negotiate a settlement with Serbia.
    (Brian, 30 March 2007 17:07)

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