1. (Lenard, 5 March 2023 07:35)

    Lenny I no manage sheep station. These facts come from CNN in America or as most call it CIA central.

    Kerhson liberated ha,ha,ha,ha. I suppose a stupid Krovat would call it liberated but moving 30,000 Russia troops on the other side of the Dniper River because your Nazi bros were going to blow up a dam that would have flooded that part of Kherson City is called a loss. Lenny even Ukrainians cannot occupy that part of the city because of the constant Russian shelling so, so much for that “great win” LOL.
    What about Bakhmut? Were Ukrainians with Krovatian helmets and special rifles? Why they not winning? Maybe Koratians should direct war and show real losers in action.

    Ukraine started with over 1,200 upgraded tanks, hundreds of fixed wing and rotary aircraft. All destroyed by the Russians. It was trained by NATO-to-NATO standards and equipped with western equipment. Where are the Javelins and stinkers? They proved s***. M777 artillery proved s***, US made suicide drones proved s***’ French Caesar artillery proved s****; HIMARS proved s***. Yes Lenny Ukraine waiting for second hand helicopters from Croatia ha,ha,ha,ha.

    Yes you right Krovatia wants to buy Rafael, but cannot afford them ha,ha,ha,. Yes rich Krovatia broke. But Serbia buying Rafael from French and Serbia can afford them.

    MiG 29s are not old. They have been upgraded while Krovatia still fly MiG 21s every now and then because cannot afford fuel.
    (sj, 6 March 2023 10:00)

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  2. O little sj how do you even manage get the news of the back side of the outback. Must be tiring running from sheep station to sheep station. Are they still managing to send your pills out their seems you are slipping. You will see the liberation of Kherson region.
    A lot of the Ukrainian soldiers are wearing Croatian made helmets, uniforms, to their boots also Croatian ballistic body armour. Also you will see them with Croatian made VHS 2 assault rifles with XD guns. Next phase of the war the helicopters will come very tactically important to rout the criminalRussians back to Russia.
    Didn't you hear we upgraded our fighter, bomber force to the latest Rafael tranche fighters.
    It dose not bode well for Serbia with old delapted Mig's will be a turkey shoot.
    Thank you for your concern. 😄
    (Lenard, 5 March 2023 07:35)

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  3. (Lenard, 28 February 2023 17:39)
    Yes, Lenny Krovatia give even its own underwear to Ukraine LOL. No more helicopters for Krovatia, but what about the F16? when they arrive? No arrive because Krovatia way too poor to pay.
    So Krovatia train and equipped 20,000 Ukrainian soldiers. Here are latest facts and they come from CNN who cite their sources in the Ukraine General Staff.
    Ukrainian losses: 259,085 – dead; 246,904 wounded; 83,952 deserted; 28,393 captured. If missing personnel are included then it’s well over 600,000.
    Your very effective Croatian first echelon brigades look like CRAP!
    (sj, 4 March 2023 12:55)

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  4. Putin failed in his aim to take Ukraine in a few days.

    He now compounds his failure by arranging for arranging for many tens of thousands of Russian young men to go to the slaughter needlessly.

    Putin is a failure in his war and a failure to the Russian people.
    (Bob, 2 March 2023 05:06)

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  5. Russians army will be soon on the ropes in Ukraine.
    Croatia sent to Ukraine 14 MI-8 helicopters and 8 MI-35.
    Trained 4 Ukrainian brigades over 20,000 soldiers and equipped them.
    Modeled after the very effective Croatian first echelon brigades.
    The Croatian trained Ukrainian brigades. Pushed back the criminal Russians and took a lot of Putin's criminals as prisoners.
    (Lenard, 28 February 2023 17:39)

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