1. " From today, our race against time begins, how to in addition to all the problems and difficulties as well as the impossible conditions created by Albin Kurti, ensure a better life and peace above all for the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, avoid conflicts, but also continue with the development and progress of our entire country," said Petković. ???

    A better life and peace for Serbs in Kosovo - HOW ??? Kosovo does not belong to Srbija any more thanks to all them U-235 poison bombs dropped on civilian Srbija the usa provided in 1999. usa, england, germany are brutal thugs and they are bless by the nazi roman catholic empire and the international community ! The Serbs remaining in Kosovo are in extreme danger and the longer they stay the greater the chances they will be liquidated by the siptars. The Serbian government can not do any thing to protect Serbian people in Kosovo, they can't even protect what little is left of Srbija ! So what will happen to Serbian people in Kosovo will be far worse than what happen to Serbs in Srpska Krajina in 92 - 95 at the hands of croatian nazi ustase ! The siptars are more organized and supported heavily by usa, england and germany and the nazi roman catholic empire funding and blessing the eradication of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in the Balkans.
    (Dragoljub Djurkovic, 20 August 2022 17:58)

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