1. Asked what Serbia needs to do to be politically well-regarded, Joksimovic said that everything revolves around fundamental Chapters 23 and 24.

    "We are the only country that was among the first to open Chapters 23 and 24. We cannot open new chapters unless there is progress in the progress report in Chapters 23 and 24 - Rule of Law, Judicial Reform, Fight against Corruption, Organized Crime, Freedom of the Media", Joksimovic said.

    Ms. Joksimovic,

    please help me out. I was called a "Russian idiot" and indeed, I am.
    Since I am an idiot, I just can't understand the Chapters 23 and 24 in connection with the "ETIAS".

    This "ETIAS" supposed to free us from menacing Canadians, Catholic priests of Vatican and Japanese, right?

    That's what I see on their web site:


    But where are the details who wrote that software, who suppose to take over the local police, what are the savings and how far I am safer now that EU will expel the over-staying Japanese and Canadians (so there won't be ISIS threat)?

    And what is if the entire system was written in India? Was the QA performed in Pakistan?
    Does it mean, someone in Afghanistan can get Canadian passport data for paying few Rupee to the "source"?

    Than I don't see any forum and democratic way for myself to provide a feedback. I found a little reddish "E.U." passport in my glove compartment, there is even my photo inside. WTF?
    (Ataman, 6 February 2020 21:57)

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