1. And now I find out that Vecernje Novosti's new chief is Milorad Vucelic, a conspiracy theory wacko who was Milosevic's buddy.
    I expect Vecernje Novosti to soon have a lot of stories about international conspiracies against Serbia, cover ups of top secret evidence, payments from Soros to NGOS etc etc
    (Dwight, 2 October 2017 11:53)

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  2. Betsy Lalich

    The west was NEVER your allies stupid serbs. During ww2 American,British,and French airforce bombed your beloved serbia to bits and pieces and killed tens of thousands of serboslavs. They never like your kind or cared about you. Deal with it
    (Aqif Blyta, 20 September 2017 15:51)

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  3. Bosnia?
    EU had Cuttiliero plan to offer limited autonomy for Serbs and Croats, and immediate independence for Bosnia. Serbs agreed and signed!!! (And were accused for attempt to create Greater Serbia)
    Muslims signed , but then changed their minds and decided to ally themselves with Croat troops that crossed from Croatia and started slaughtering Serb civilians in Bosnia, like in Sijekovac where they killed 60 civilians(including 17 small children) together.


    "... where Croatian forces allegedly killed dozens of Serb villagers in what is known as the first atrocity of the Bosnian war."

    All hell broke loose.

    EU had to respond to this gruesome atrocity by Milosevic...wait, what?...
    (Sreten, 20 September 2017 15:51)

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  4. How much poison was left behind in Srebrenica when mothers would see their children shot in the back of the head by Chetnik forces or their throats slit and thrown into the fire. The minds of the mothers of Srebrenica have been deeply effected. That's a poison that will never fade or be eradicated. Shame on you Serbia !
    (Lenards Cline, 20 September 2017 12:35)

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  5. How can one not, but ridicule Srb nationalism ?
    (N, 20 September 2017 09:49)

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  6. Serbs if you play the aggressive game again,even the new member MONTENEGRO will take part bombing you....
    (Prishtina(County of Gollak), 20 September 2017 09:30)

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  7. Sreten

    Yes - it was in the cards for years. Many thought it should have been done during the Bosnia conflict when there were three years of non-intervention while murder and ethnic cleansing was done, and UN observers were treated abismally by arrogant Bosnian Serb 'fighters'. Intervention in Bosnia did put a stop to the wickednesses and criminality under Milosevic.

    NATO (which includes most of the countries of Europe) was not going to allow the same thing to happen in Kosovo. The political pressure was too great. They could not allow a repeat of the murder and criminality (for which there is plenty of evidence - for example moving van loads of bodies into Serbia in order to try to hide them).

    You may not like it, but yes, NATO did plan to intervene, and Milosevic was stupid or cynical enough not to avoid it.

    Your perception is 'off', discoloured by the kind of self-defeating nationalist thinking for which I have no respect.

    Diplomatically that thinking was a isolationist disaster for Serbia from which I hope Serbia is slowly recovering.
    (Bob, 20 September 2017 01:47)

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  8. Dragoljub
    get over it drop create a future that is what everyone needs including the
    enough of the sob story already
    think about what I said not fell it
    (Sam, 20 September 2017 00:48)

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  9. The "West" betrayed their long-time allies, the Serbs. They did not care for the "collateral damage" just as they do not care properly for their own soldiers suffering from the effects of wars.
    (Betsy Lalich, 19 September 2017 23:45)

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  10. No worries, the bombing doesn't hurt now. Chubster boy, Ivica Dačić kissed enough orange baboon's a$$ that even more NATO bombing will be welcomed.

    America good or bad Srbs ? Good for Ivica for that deep brown-nosing or not good ? What is it now ? Make up your mind: Jugosllavija good (betraying the Russians) or Jugosllavija bad (Russian loving) ? Do you ladies on that time of the month know what y'all want ?
    (N, 19 September 2017 20:00)

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  11. Bob,

    your causes of all the carnage was completely off.

    Truth is different.

    "The NATO bombing was long on the cards and Milosevic had opportunity for years to avoid it - but it suited him not to, "

    What really happened is this

    The NATO bombing was long on the cards and Milosevic tried for years to avoid it - but it suited them to bomb.

    In fact, entire carnage in the Balkans could have been avoided if they wanted to avoid it.
    (Sreten, 19 September 2017 19:23)

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  12. Wagging the Dog ???

    What a great coincidence Hilly Billy Clinton cleaning his filthy hands with the blood and tears of Serbian people ! So Milosevic had time to avoid Srbija being bombed and how about Hilly Billy Clinton, how long was he smelling Monica's panties ? So the 1990's under Hilly Billy Clinton's watch very deadly for Serbian people in the Balkans ! Oh you Hitler lover's out there are gonna say I am hallucinating and the USA, England and Germany had nothing to do with the destruction of Jugoslavija or the murder of Slavic Eastern Orthodox Christianity of the Balkans ! So you USA degenerates making fun of our current Serbian situation with sarcastic comments, well I only can say your day is comming, we all have to face God sooner or later !!!
    (Dragoljub Djurkovic, 19 September 2017 15:50)

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  13. The war was mainly caused by the stupid nationalist politics endemic in Serbia at that time. What nationalists forget is that being overly aggressive about your own stance creates resistance - nationalists typically lack the subulty necessary for diplomatic politics.

    The wars were avoidable, but the Balkans are well known for their factionalising attitudes.

    The NATO bombing was long on the cards and Milosevic had opportunity for years to avoid it - but it suited him not to,

    How ever unavoidable the necessary NATO intervention, I will criticise NATO for using depleted uranium when its military was at no risk. NATO should consider in future that it is not necessary to use depleted uranium when it does not have troops on the ground. Yes it is a good weapon in tank warfare and gives troops an improved chance, but is it moral or even necessary to use depleted uranium when all the fighting is done from 15000ft?
    (Bob, 19 September 2017 14:01)

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  14. There is a hugh cause of cancer in Serbia. It is a chemical pollution that is on the air particularly in populated areas, and it tends to accumulate in enclosed spaces to levels that create a danger to most of the population who are subjected to it whether they like it or not.

    The government have not done enough to counter the measurable level of risk. There is a high level of denial that a problem exists, yet people are dying of this all the time.

    My advice - get the 'experts' to concentrate on controlling smoking.
    (Bob, 19 September 2017 12:56)

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