Wikipedia backup database in Belgrade

BELGRADE -- Belgrade has become the first European city that holds the whole backup database of Wikipedia and Wikimedia.

It came at the initiative of Miloš Rančić, one of the founders of its Serbian branch, and Ebart.

Ebart Media Documentation Director Velimir Ćurgus Kazimir said on Wednesday almost seven terabytes of Wikipedia's data will be stored here.

The website is internet's "free encyclopedia" and ranks among the top ten sites in the world, he reminded.

Given that this is a huge amount of data, and thus almost impossible to be directly downloaded from the Internet, more specific information would be available at the Ebart Media Documentation.

From now on, all interested parties in Belgrade will have access to this data.

Ćurgus said that Wikimedia is important since it contains a large amount of information regarding the media, especially photography files, available for free.