Jeremić: Morocco won't recognize Kosovo

RABAT -- Morocco will not recognize Kosovo and will continue to oppose its unilateral independence in all international fora, FM Vuk Jeremić said in Rabat today.

Vuk Jeremić (FoNet, archive)
Vuk Jeremić (FoNet, archive)

After talks with the Moroccan leadership, Jeremić said that Rabat had consolidated “its position on not recognizing Kosovo,” adding that Belgrade and Rabat would continue to cooperate on this issue on the international arena.

The minister reiterated that Morocco was a member of many international organizations, including the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Arab League and the Non-Aligned Movement.

“We’ll continue close cooperation, and, after today’s talks, no change in Morocco’s position on Kosovo should be expected in the near or distant future,“ he stressed.

Jeremić said that an agreement on scrapping double taxation would be signed between the two countries in Belgrade in the next few months.

Prior to this, the minister said, representatives of the two countries would have an opportunity for talks in New York during the UN General Assembly.

In Rabat Jeremić spoke with Moroccan Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi and the speakers of the upper and lower houses of the Moroccan parliament.

He laid a wreath at the mausoleum of Mohammed V, the country’s first king after it gained independence from France in 1955.

This is a privilege that Morocco usually reserves for heads of state and government.

On Monday evening, Jeremić met with the country’s Foreign Minister Taieb Fassi Fihri, who laid on a traditional dinner for his guest.

Fihri reaffirmed Morocco’s position that entities could not become states through unilateral independence declarations, but only through the UN or with the consent of all interested parties.

The ministers also discussed Morocco’s own experience with the question of the West Sahara, whose independence was recognized by several states originally, before many countries repealed their recognitions, India and Serbia included.