Economic crisis in Serbia

Read the latest news about the local impact of the gobal economic meltdown as it affects Serbia

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Serbia's OSCE chairmanship

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Kosovo status

Latest news on the process of determining the future status of Kosovo

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Euro-Atlantic integrations

Latest news on Serbian and regional integration in Euro-Atlantic institutions and structures

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Corruption & organized crime

Latest news on Serbia's efforts to fight organized crime and curb corruption, a crucial condition for bringing the country closer to the European integration

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Commission Investigating Murders of Journalists

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B92 Fund humanitarian campaigns

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Floods in Serbia

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The Safer Internet Center project

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In focus archive

Serbian elections 2012

from 23. 01. 2012 to 7. 08. 2012, 836 articles
Latest news about the parliamentary and local elections in Serbia in 2012

Aflatoxin contamination

from 11. 02. 2013 to 14. 03. 2013, 42 articles
All the news on the outbreak of aflatoxin contamination of milk

Tensions in Sandžak

from 10. 09. 2006 to 30. 11. 2012, 215 articles
Latest news on Serbia's southern region of Sandžak, troubled by political and religious division and security issues

Middle East, Afghanistan crises

from 10. 12. 2004 to 19. 02. 2013, 1925 articles
Latest news on the developments in the world's most volatile regions

Elections and cabinet talks 2007

from 23. 10. 2006 to 23. 05. 2007, 261 articles
Serbia has ratified a new Constitution. The road is now open for elections that will define the political scene in Serbia. How will political power be carved out among the major political agents in a crucial year for Serbia in interantional affairs? Keep track of the run-up campaigns, the election day and post-election arrangements and reactions.

Serbia's new Constitution

from 19. 09. 2006 to 27. 05. 2007, 65 articles

Telenor in Serbia

from 31. 07. 2006 to 12. 09. 2006, 11 articles
The breakthrough of Norwegian Telenor in the Serbian market could herald a turning point for further developments in the telecommunications sector in Serbia

Operation Storm revisited

from 6. 06. 2005 to 5. 09. 2006, 14 articles
The military offensive of the Croatian Army in 1995 codenamed Operation Storm has returned into focues after 11 years, after recent discoveries of amateur video footage of war crimes that may have been committed while it was in effect

Floods in Serbia

from 12. 04. 2006 to 8. 05. 2006, 7 articles
Latest news about floods and landslides in Serbia

Early elections 2014

from 24. 01. 2014 to 30. 04. 2014, 228 articles
Latest news on the campaign, voting, results, and post-election negotiations in early parliamentary elections, and early local polls for the City Assembly of Belgrade

Montenegrin referendum

from 3. 04. 2006 to 30. 06. 2006, 55 articles
Latest news on the Montenegrin referendum for independence

Elections, cabinet talks 2008

from 28. 12. 2007 to 7. 08. 2008, 785 articles
After the parliamentary elections that did not produce a clear winner, the parties and coalitions are now engaged in talks to form a ruling majority in parliament.

Learn all the details about the ongoing negotiations here.

Serbian government reshuffle

from 2. 07. 2013 to 13. 09. 2013, 118 articles

Avian flu

from 13. 04. 2006 to 13. 04. 2006, 1 articles
Latest news about the Avian flu in Serbia and the region


from 23. 10. 2010 to 2. 11. 2011, 106 articles
The whistleblower website WikiLeaks has begun publishing secret U.S. diplomatic cables - with 251,287 slated to be published in all

Conflict in Georgia

from 2. 08. 2008 to 22. 10. 2008, 163 articles
Latest news and analyses of a former "frozen conflict" in the Caucasus, that turned into a war between Georgia and Russia, struggling over the de facto independent Georgian region of South Ossetia

Horgoš–Požega highway concession

from 30. 03. 2007 to 19. 07. 2008, 37 articles
Latest news and analysis on the concession contract, believed to be worth in excess of EUR 1bn, to build and maintain the Horgoš-Požega highway, that highlighted issues of public access to information and transparency in Serbian government's dealings

Parliament declarations on crimes

from 10. 01. 2010 to 15. 10. 2010, 75 articles
Latest news on efforts to draft and adopt resolution in the Serbian parliament condemning the Srebrenica genocide and the crimes committed against Serbs throughout the former Yugoslavia

Presidential elections

from 9. 10. 2007 to 15. 02. 2008, 249 articles
The date for the Serbian presidential elections has been set. Follow the latest news on the campaign, and up to date results on the day

Croatia, Serbia in genocide lawsuits

from 24. 12. 2009 to 21. 07. 2010, 34 articles
Latest news and analysis on the Croatian genocide lawsuit, and Serbia's countersuit

Patriarch Pavle dies; new patriarch elected

from 15. 11. 2009 to 1. 03. 2010, 32 articles
The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), His Holiness Patriarch Pavle, passed away in Belgrade on November 15; Two months later, the Church elected its new leader

Political turmoil in Bosnia

from 12. 10. 2007 to 23. 12. 2007, 67 articles
More than a decade after the war in Bosnia, the two entities, international community, and authorities in Belgrade are at odds over that country's internal arrangements, and possible repercussions of other regional issues on the situation there.

Opposition push for early elections

from 9. 02. 2011 to 26. 08. 2011, 156 articles
Serbia's ruling coalition reshuffled the government in the last year of its mandate, as the opposition pushes for early elections

Swine flu outbreak

from 26. 04. 2009 to 31. 01. 2010, 128 articles
Latest news on an outbreak of a deadly strain of flue that could become a pandemic

Vojvodina statute

from 14. 10. 2008 to 24. 01. 2010, 111 articles
Latest news on the process of adopting the statute of the Vojvodina province

Russia's Medvedev visits Serbia

from 5. 08. 2009 to 26. 10. 2009, 46 articles
For the first time in history, a Russian president is visiting the Republic of Serbia. Find all the news, analyses and photographs from the visit in our News and Gallery pages

Ruling coalition crisis

from 4. 02. 2008 to 22. 03. 2008, 77 articles
Serbia's ruling coalition is facing the most serious crisis since it was put together in May last year. Follow all the lastest news and find out if the turmoil ends in compromise or fresh elections

Hague war crimes cases

from 28. 02. 2006 to 18. 06. 2013, 2055 articles
Latest news about the war crimes cases tried at the Hague Tribunal and Serbia's cooperation with the court

Opinions & Analyses

"Belgrade Guidelines" for strengthening cooperation

15.12.2014. | Comments: 0
(Beta/AP, file)

China's Prime Minister Li Keqiang says the Third Meeting of Heads of Government and China and Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs) will produce the Belgrade Guidelines, which will propose a number of initiatives to strengthen all-round cooperation.

B92 TV

"We may disgree over status, but should not hate each other"

1.08.2014. | Comments: 4
Marko Đurić (Tanjug, file)

"We can disagree over the status (of Kosovo) for the next 200 years, but that does not mean that we should hate each other, that we should not do business with each other."


UN secretary-general's Kosovo report

5.12.2014. | Comments: 1

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's regular quarterly report on the UN Interim Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK)