Ruling party MPs served as observers in Donbass

Opposition Democratic Party (DS) official Borislav Stefanović says he wants to know why two MPs from the ruling SNS party served as observers in Ukraine.

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Tuesday, 04.11.2014.


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Ruling party MPs served as observers in Donbass

"We all we know about the prime minister's position that Serbia supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. How is this possible? Was the government aware and will someone suffer the consequences?," Stefanović asked during question time in parliament on Tuesday.

He also asked Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović "within which deadline those responsible for the incidents" during the Serbia vs. Albania football game would be arrested, and "why was (previously) convicted Ivan Bogdanov allowed to this match."

Head of the SNS group in parliament Zoran Babić said that Đukanović and Blažić traveled to Donetsk as private citizens, not as deputies.

He added that their "personal act and possible sanctions" would be discussed by the party.

During question time, Stefanović also asked ministers Kori Udovički and Zorana Mihalović "when the citizens of Grdelica will get drinking water."

According to him, they do not have drinking water because of the construction of a hydro-power plant.

Green Party MP Ivan Karić wanted to know what the government will do about the ecological disaster that occurred when heavy metals were spilled into the Drina River from the Stolice mine.

"Nobody cares about that until it reaches Belgrade, but Belgrade is not the center of the world, when will the state will begin to work on correcting the causes, not just the consequences of disasters?," asked Karić.

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