Eight arrested for crimes in Srebrenica

The Serbian police arrested early on Wednesday seven people suspected of committing a war crime against civilians in the area of Srebrenica, eastern Bosnia.

Izvor: AP

Wednesday, 18.03.2015.


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Eight arrested for crimes in Srebrenica

Another suspect was apprehended later during the day.

The release notes that the prosecution ordered an investigation against former members of the Jahorina Training Center within the Special Police Brigade of the Serb Republic (RS) interior ministry because there is a grounded suspicion that they had committed the war crime against the civilian population in the area of Srebrenica, in the village of Kravica.

The list of victims includes over 1,000 civilians of Muslim nationality, whose remains were identified in mass graves at several locations, including Glogova 1 and 2 and Ravnice, adds the release,

The prosecution and interior ministry are still searching for several more people who are believed to be in the neighboring countries, says the release.

Deputy War Crimes Prosecutor Bruno Vekaric told AP it was "important to stress that this is the first time that our prosecutor’s office is dealing with the mass killings of civilians and war prisoners in Srebrenica."

“We have never dealt with a crime of such proportions. It is very important for Serbia to take a clear position toward Srebrenica through a court process," he said.

According to the agency, "the biggest arrest in the sweep was Nedeljko Milidragovic, the commander dubbed 'Nedjo the Butcher', who went on to become a successful businessman in Serbia."

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