Prigozhin "roared": ''They will be eaten alive''

Vladimir Putin is facing increasingly turbulent internal conflicts in his circles.

Source: Jutarnji list
Tanjug/Prigozhin Press Service via AP
Tanjug/Prigozhin Press Service via AP

His main enemy is still Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder and leader of the Russian mercenary group Wagner.

Prigozhin spoke out again today, publishing a video of himself standing in front of the dead bodies of his soldiers in Ukraine, insulting the Russian military leadership, which again blames the death of Wagner's soldiers.

"They came here as volunteers and died, and you are lounging in your offices, sitting in your expensive clubs, your children are enjoying the good life and making YouTube videos. Those who don't give us ammunition will be eaten alive in hell," the boss of Wagner roared on that video.


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