Washington: Serbia's recognition of the so-called Kosovo... It will take time

Antony Blinken said that if the agreement is implemented, it'll open the way for the so-called Kosovo to be recognized by five EU countries that did not do so.

Source: Blic, Voice of America
Tanjug/AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana
Tanjug/AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, stated that, if the agreement of the so-called Kosovo and Serbia is implemented, it will open the way for the so-called Kosovo to be recognized by five EU countries that did not yet do so.

Blinken states that ''Kosovo-Serbia agreement & implementation plan should achieve Kosovo's recognition from EU & NATO countries that haven’t yet done so''.

As Blic reports referring to the Voice of America, Antony Blinken answered Senator Jeanne Shaheen's question about his efforts to convince the five EU countries that do not recognize the so-called Kosovo to do so.

"It's certainly an issue we're still working on, but I also think that this agreement, if implemented, actually leads us to recognition by these countries," said Blinken.

He admitted that the recognition of Serbia is another matter and that it will take some time.

"But if there is a normalization of relations between the so-called Kosovo and Serbia, it would have a positive effect and I believe that we will eventually reach that point, but I think that the fact that the so-called Kosovo and Serbia have reached an agreement, assuming that they will implement it, lead the five countries to recognition," said Blinken.

He said during the session that the progress achieved between Serbia and Kosovo gives hope on the road to normalization.

"I believe that it is important, apart from the fact that both countries have agreed in principle to do so, that these obligations are part of the plans of both countries for membership in the European Union, so I hope that this will be an incentive to implement them," said Blinken.

Senator Shaheen said that she agrees and said that she believes that it is important that people in the so-called Kosovo and Serbia should see benefits in their private lives from such an agreement.

"And we hope that it will bring both countries closer to the EU," she said.


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