Moscow regrets, and rejects "paranoid US concerns"

The Kremlin on Thursday rejected a report published by US Senators that accuses Russia of interfering in elections in 19 countries.

Source: B92
The Moscow Kremlin (Thinkstock)
The Moscow Kremlin (Thinkstock)

The report, titled, "Putin’s asymmetric assault on democracy in Russia and Europe: implications for US national security," dedicates one whole chapter to Serbia.

Reuters is reporting today that Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov, "who has repeatedly denied accusations by U.S. intelligence officials and others that Moscow interferes in any foreign elections," once again rejected the allegations and said he was "dismayed to see them still being made."

“With regards to this (anti-Russian) campaign, all we can do is express our regret and repeat that these accusations remain unfounded,” said Peskov.

AP is reporting that he told reporters in a conference that "paranoid concerns" about the alleged Russian meddling "not only hurt bilateral relations, but the US itself."


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