Anniversary of NATO attack that killed 20

Today marks the tenth anniversary of a NATO attack on the southern Serbian town of Surdulica, that killed 20 civilians, 12 of them children.

Source: Tanjug

100 people were also injured, while 500 homes were either destroyed or damaged.

At noon on April 27, 1999, a densely populated area of Surdulica was hit in an airstrike. The scene in the wake of the attack was that of debris of furniture and cars, broken glass and bricks, routed streets, and a crater of several meters.

More than ten NATO missiles were fired on that day.

Several houses were razed to the ground, while some 15 others were heavily damaged on a corner of Zmaj Jovina St. Family homes in this street saw the most destruction.

NATO attacked this small town with a total of 175 missiles from April 6 until April 27.

At the time, then NATO spokesman James Shea told reporters that "one bomb had missed its target". A CNN reporter at the scene, however, said: "There is no doubt, I am completely convinced by what I see here, that more than one bomb was dropped."

Surdulica was again targeted by NATO warplanes on May 31, when 20 civilians were killed and 88 others wounded as a gerontological center and a sanatorium came under attack.

Previously, on April 21, the western military alliance bombed a refugee center housing Serbs driven out of their homes in Croatia, killing 10 – six children among them – and injuring 16 others.


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