"We have problem with false sick leaves, medical staff members walk around the city"

As many as 700 doctors and other medical professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina are on sick leave at the height of the coronavirus epidemic

Source: Tanjug
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ vilevi
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ vilevi

By Monday, more than 1.000 people got infected with coronavirus in the country and 39 people died, according to Croatian agency Hina.

The coronavirus has so far infected 1.018 people, with outbreaks in Banja Luka (257), Citluk (81), Mostar (55) and Siroki Brijeg (48).

In Sarajevo, the infection was confirmed in 35 patients.

However, it is worrying that as many as 700 doctors and other medical staff are declared sick in Sarajevo at the height of the epidemic.

It is suspected that many of them wanted to avoid the risk of contagion in the workplace.

Director of the Sarajevo Clinical Center, Sebija Izetbegovic, warns that this is a very serious problem that threatens the serious collapse of the health care system.

"We always have a problem with false sickness, and I claim that even in these difficult moments, two thirds of medical workers are unjustifiably absent from work," Izetbegovic told Dnevni Avaz daily.

"I meet my employees walking around the city and some of them have been writing sick leave. We follow this anomaly, which at the height of the grave and uncertain battle against the evil is in contradiction with the Hippocratic Oath, and we have come to believe that it is mostly the same people involved", she added.

Health Director Muhamed Ahmic announces sanctions for unjustified sick leave.

"I ordered the doctors to tighten the criteria for granting sick leave, so unjustifiable sick leave opening would be sanctioned," Ahmic said.


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