"Republic of North Macedonia"

Greece and Macedonia have reached an agreement on the new name of the later after a dispute that lasted 27 years.

Source: Tanjug

And the new name of the Republic of Macedonia will be - the Republic of North Macedonia.

Macedonian PM Zoran Zaev announced this at a news conference late on Tuesday, which he attended with his entire cabinet, and added that the solution "guarantees the country's national identity and progress."

Zaev said that the name would have universal use, which would be specified in an amendment to the constitution.

He announced that the deal will be presented to all relevant political entities in Macedonia and signed by representatives of the two governments, to then be ratified in both parliaments.

Zaev pointed out that a referendum in also envisaged in the fall, when Macedonian citizens will vote on the proposal - and said he was confident they would accept the new name for their country.

According to him, the agreement opens Macedonia's path to EU and NATO membership.


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